1. R

    Acess blocked websites

    Hey folks, In need of some quick help. I just landed in UAE, i'm not able to use websites such as, I tried using Hidemyip and similar proxies but all these are also blocked. How can i use my beloved torrent site. Truly MERA BHARAT MAHAN... awaiting some quick responses
  2. H


    how can i ope each browser tab in a new proxy. is a software available for it? also how to use switchproxy with firefox. i tried webbased proxies but they not works with all sites and everytime. suggest me an easy solution.
  3. din

    What is the best way to send an email anonymously ?

    OK, no bad intentions at all !! I want to create an email account (preferably gmail) anonymously plus I want to send emails anonymously. What is the best way ? I mean people should not be able to get my IP or location from the email header. I know web proxies, normal proxies and...
  4. A

    Access Blocked Websites By Email

    Many companies, schools or universities love to block popular websites. A large proportion of computer users however start digging around to find ways to overcome the block instead of concentrating on work. Many make use of web proxies to access blocked websites. Proxies however come and go...
  5. nikhil ramteke

    how to open orkut when there's a CISCO firewall?

    hello frnz, my college has blocked orkut, they r using CISCO firewall, so when i open orkut using some proxies it block each of them...plz help..
  6. I

    software for using proxies ...

    Can you guys tell me about a software which can hold all the proxies in it and can switch them whichever I want to use. Should work with FF or IE will also do.
  7. Ecko

    Official thread for working proxies and their websites

    Please post any working proxies or their websites here But before posting test them yourself;-)
  8. G

    help with safari

    i have a lan connection in which i have 2 use proxies can anyone tell me how to setup proxies for safari
  9. A

    very URGENT !!! even proxies aren't working !!!

    Hi guys, Im in college right now. I have a campus with Cyber cafe. anyways the problem is even the proxies are blocked so NO ORKUT, NO MESSENGER, even MEEBO.COM IS BLOCKED. PLZ HELP GUYS. HOW CAN I OPEN ORKUT AND MESSENGERS
  10. almighty

    "yahoo" mess(enger) me

    "yahoo" mess(enger) problem hi mates i am a airtel gprs user, since 2 weeks am getting a starange problem with my YAHOO login... when i try to login yahoo after few minutes i loged in but at the same time i logout in second... am not able to stay in messenger for a minute... when i change my...
  11. Manshahia

    Yahoo Blocked??

    Hi guys in our college yahoo has been blocked by the administrator. Can i access it now using any proxies?? Helpl rqrd urgently.
  12. anomit

    Public Proxies

    I have found a list of public proxies in India. What do I have to do in order to get connected to them? I have a proxy software.If I supply the IP address and port in the HTTP proxy option, will it do or I have to make a seperate rule for the tunnel protocol? I have also seen a proxy...
  13. H

    Help with Proxy

    Hi all, Well i want to know all about proxies...and to make myself more clearer I would like to ask certain question.. 1) What is proxy? 2) Our college uses a proxy server and we have to configure the browser for proxy as on port yyyy. Now if I try to access the same proxy...
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