1. Karma

    IISc prof gets the sack in sex harassment scandal

    'does appreciating beauty amount to sex harassment?'
  2. akhilc47

    Why there's variables defined inside the main??

    I am new to c programming and my prof has given me an assignment to do. He has given a stub code in which I have to add some more lines to complete it. I have a very basic knowledge of C programming and I've always started with main(). But first line of prof was like this: int main(int argc...
  3. NitrousNavneet

    XP and 7

    What is the price of Xp (prof.) and 7 (home , Prof, And Ultimate) CDs?
  4. K

    64Bit Software

    Hi All, 1. What is the difference between 32Bit & 64Bit applications. 2. Can we run a 64bit application on a 32bit OS (I think NO). I have XP prof SP3 I originally installed it in year 2006. Thanks
  5. krishnandu.sarkar

    Shortcut For Maximize n Minimize

    Hey...........can any1 here can tell me whatz d keyboard shortcut fr maximization n minimization in windows XP prof.?? I searched lot in help n services but the combos r not workin.............
  6. harryneopotter

    Microsoft Research India' TechVista Seminar ......

    Hi guys ..yesterday 13th Oct ... i went to a tech seminar by Microsoft Research India (Bangalore), Called MSRI TechVista 2007 at Hotel InterContinental Eros, Nehru Place, Delhi. It was a very good and satisfying experience for me. The speakers were ... Prof. Ed Lazowska, Bill & Melinda...
  7. S

    Which OS is installed in which drive?

    Hi All, I'm having a 40 GB hard disk and it has 4 partitions. In the 4 partitions 4 operating systems are installed (2 WIN XP, 1 WIN 2000 Prof, 1 WIN 98). Now I'm not able to detect which OS is installed in which drive? How to know it? I want to delete all the OS except WIN 2000 Prof. Please...
  8. S

    Folder password protected

    Hi All, I want to make my folder password protected. How to do it in WINDOWS XP or WIN 2000 Prof? I don't want to ZIP the folder. -Srimaya
  9. coolsunny

    help me--

    i have old version of prof XP on my is in drive C.i want to fomat drive C & install new prof XP sp2. how can i do it ?? help me plz.
  10. S

    I want to see...

    I using Windows XP prof. SP2 I want to see, what are the softwares or files used by others and what time they used my system and what they did in my system ? I want to see the report for system usage. Is there any software for this...? Please tell me...
  11. R

    VB 6.0 installation problem

    I am trying to install visual studio 6.0 enterprise edition and I get the message "Could not find Acme setup" and then the installation quits. But the same installation done in other machine Does anyone know anything Whatever Acme is. My OS is win 2000 prof. rajzoo1
  12. K

    Help in combining SP! and SP2 to Windows Prof XP

    Hello Friends, I have windows xp prof 2002 (bootable) original cd. I have sp1a and sp2 files with me. I need to combine the sp1 and sp2 with my xp prof cd. So when install xp as a fresh OS the SP1,sp2 should be applied by default. Can anyone please help me in this. Thanks in advance. Karthik
  13. R

    removing startup items

    how to remove startup item from toolbar in win2000 prof.For win xp it is msconfig. what is it for win2000 prof ?
  14. P

    xp prof startup trouble

    When I started windows xp prof(with sp1) it said "windows cannot start because the followilg file...\WINDOWS\SYSTEM3\CONFIG\SYSTEM ..FILE IS MISSING OR CORRUPT.Restart with your xp cd and press r at the first screen to repair the file.".What to do?I have win98 in c drive and xp prof in d drive...
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