Pc Freezes All The Time

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:mad: WTF...these days my PC freezes so very very often when I am working and I often hav to re-start and lose work in the process ! What is hapening and what can I do. Ples dont ask me to reinstall :-(


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What's ur system configuration?

Many reasons can be there.

  • If U havn't enough RAM which is required to run ur programs.
  • May b there r somr hidden programs running & using memory. Press 'Ctrl+Alt+Delete', select processes tab and check if there is some unwanted process running. End that process, find its exe file & delete it. U can also use s/w such as Hijack This for this purpose.
  • Clean unwanted registry & files using s/w such as System Mechanic

Tell me if that doesn't works.


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Other reasons
1) CPU over heat : see that lots of dust has not accumulated in your cabinet
2) Faulty RAM: Test using Memtest86+ or OTCOMP Memtest86+
3) Test your hard drive. Bad sectors might be creeping in.
4) Your swap file might have got corrupt. Disable swap, reboot, recreate swap and reboot again to get a new file.
5) Look under "System" part of "Event Viewer" to find error reports give by Windows XP.


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u dont have to re-boot ! rtclick taskbar>open taskmanager>process tab>choose explorer.exe>end process. THEN select file>new task>explorer>ok.

apart from this i suggest :
1) scan pc in safe mode with av and anti-spy
2) clear ALL ur pc junk using "ccleaner" or any such one
3) run windows chkdsk utility clicking ALL options, on all ur partitions


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May be your board is faulty
as of my story
an year ago i've faced the same probs.
i opend the cab to check whether ram are the one responsible or not and
noticed the blown capacitors on the mBoard.

i removed the board from cab and took it to Nehru place for repairs,
when they ask me whats the probs i told them my pc hangs every now and then with one way ticket and i think these capacitors are responsible for this.
they all laugh at me.

i took the readings of capacitor buy the spares and replaced all my capacitors (the blown one) Bingo.

My PC is Working FINE from then

give it a try (i mean check your board. Blown cap. doesnt mean BOOM, their top just expand with a oil leak).

Par bhai ye baat dil/dimag pe mat lena. kya pata tumahri kuch aur prob ho.


I do not think its a hw problem as my pc is relatively new and was working ok. This has just started hapning now. I had chekd the answers in the afternoon and done checkdisk etc, but it is not helping. Anything else :-(


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if this does not work u may have some damaged activex programs on ur pc. open ie>internet options> general>settings>view objects>if any are marked damaged, rtclick and delete them.

if not, or if stl this dznt wrk, maybe some system file has got corrupted. u may have to repair/reinstal xp or live with the :D freezes.

...or reconfirm ur hardware as suggested by others above...or wait for someone else to answer...


do a "system file check" (sfc). if it doesnt help the...

do a full system scan for Spyware/Adware.

Still you haven't given us your system configuration!!!!!!!

try to give us more detail, like your PC config (RAM, M/B), Security softwares (Antivirus, firewall...) & softwares you use (when ur pc freezes)

If your freezing problem is gone then inform us. so no one else will waste their time.


[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]

Add these keys to your registry. Will help a lot in smooth running of your PC. any application that hangs won't cause a trouble for others.


Maybe because of low Memory some of your Applications are not running properly.

Try the following and you'll surely speed up your computer -->
Step 1 -->

Increasing your Virtual Memory. For that follow these steps -->
1.Right Click My Computer > Properties
2.Go to Advanced
3.In the Performance box click on Settings
4.Go to Advanced
5.In the Virtual Memory Box click on Change
6.Click on Custom Size
7.Set Initial Size to twice of your RAM i.e 1024
8.Set the Maximum Size to twice of your RAM i.e. 1024
9.After that Click on Set
10.Click OK /Apply , then Restart

Step 2 -->

Turn off Services that you don't use.
To turn off services do the following -:

Go to start--->run--->msconfig
Go to the startup tab and uncheck all unnecessary items that start during
the startup .

You can incheck the following services -->
Background Intelligent transfer service
Computer Browser
Error Reporting service
Help and support
Indexing service
IPSEC services
Netmeeting Remote desktop sharing
Network DDE
Network DDE DSDM
Performance Logs and Alerts
Portable Media Serial No.
REmote Desktop Help Session Manager
Secondary logon
Smart Card Helper
SSDP Discovery service
system restore service
Uninterruptile Power Supply
Universal Plug and Play Device Host
Windows TIme
WIreless Zero COnfiguration
WMI Performance Adapter


Step 3 -->

Speed up your Menus
Go to start-->run--->regedit
navigate to HKEY_USERS.DEFAULTControl PanelDesktop
From the right double click the DWORD named MenuShowDelay. Change its value from 400 to a very low value like 25 or something.


Step 5 -->

Also turn off all the eye candy that XP offers.To do that follow these
1.Right Click My Computer > Properties
2.Go to Advanced
3.In the Performance box click on Settings
4.In the Visual Effects Tab click on Adjust For Best Performance
5.Click Ok Apply.

Step 6 -->

Run a Full System Anti-Virus Scan using Norton,Mcafee,etc and Spyware scan using SpyBot Search & Destroy.

Step 7 -->

Do not forget to Defragment your Drive to boost performance.For faster defrag use third party applications like O & O Defrag Pro, Diskkeeper, etc.


Also as someone suggested above check whether all System Files are intact.
To check do the following with the XP CD in the Drive :

1.Click Start > Run
2.Type : sfc /scannow

Hope it helps...



Thank You all But I uninstalled several of my games and programs. Things are now much better I will see for a few days otherwise then I will think about formatting. Dudes some of the things suggeste ar little heavy for me I cant do them.
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