1. ariftwister

    Prison Architect Discussion Thread

    Hey Guys, I started playing this game recently and got instantly addicted to it. So Post your prison structure and your Valuable tips and tricks to the new Architects. - - - Updated - - - My new Prison in Planning - - - Updated - - - My Tips: * Place the jail door at last while constructing...
  2. Pat

    Major Microsoft counterfeiter sentenced to 4 years in prison

  3. mayanks_098

    A possible 10 years imprisonment for a “Elite torrents” uploader + $500,000 fine

    As the saga of FBI crackdown on the US based BT tracker “Elite torrents” continues,another uploader associated with the “sharing” of Star Wars Episode III,a pre-release movie of that time,found guilty under Family Entertainment Copyright Act. ,could be facing 10 years in prison and a $500,000...
  4. entrana

    Five Star Prison at Austria

    check this out guys:confused::confused::confused::confused: *
  5. pannaguma

    Fake Prison Break Season 3 Promo

  6. yoursfriend

    R u fan of Prison Break?

    if u r a great fan of prison break then post here and tell what do u like most in prison break?
  7. techtronic

    Hacker faces jail for Trojan horse

    A US man has pleaded guilty to charges of writing and distributing a Trojan horse designed to steal usernames and passwords. Richard C Honour, 31, faces a maximum five years in prison and a $250,000 fine after admitting releasing the malware. Info ...
  8. aryayush

    Prison for Pop-Ups?

    February 19, 2007, 1:01 pm Prison for Pop-Ups? I caught this article in The Times. It’s about a computer-phobic substitute teacher whose classroom PC went nuts with pop-up ads for porn Web sites, and some of the seventh-grade students saw them. She’s just been convicted of “risking injury to...
  9. C

    Prison Tycoon Demo problem

    AFTER INSTALLING THE DEMO OF PRISON TYCOON .WHEN I RUN IT I GET THE FOLLOWING ERRORPRISON TYCOON caused an invalid page fault in module PRISON TYCOON.EXE at 0187:0045c549. Registers: EAX=01027380 CS=0187 EIP=0045c549 EFLGS=00010246 EBX=00000000 SS=018f ESP=00bdfcf4 EBP=bff74338 ECX=0062f9c4...
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