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  1. Anish

    Problem printing on Inland cover

    Hi, I have a monochrome laser printer (Canon LBP 2900B). The problem is, that when I take print out on multiple inland letter covers, it takes lot of time between prints. Like, between prints, it takes some 10 seconds, but when a A4 sheet is used, it takes the next paper almost instantly...

    how to disassemble logitech mk 320 keyboard

    recently my keyboard is behaving strange causing lot of discomfort. on pressing v calculator opens. pressing del doesn't delete and instead prints ]. shift acts as alt+tab. q prints as 0q and sometimes nothing. ctrl sometimes doesn't work. I did everything to solve this like changing...
  3. R

    Printer,scanner,copier within 4k

    Please suggest a printer,scanner,copier all in one 1.Price range max-Rs.4k(the cheaper the better) 2.Possible to refill cartridge. 3.Cheap prints Dont know much about printers.Please suggest me one.Thank you.
  4. dharmil007

    printers : EPSON vs CANON vs HP

    My friend needs a printer. He doesnt need many features just printing should be done. A good quality prints & cheap prints per page. He would be using in a month around 300pgs black-white & 100 pages of color. his budget is around 2000. i've shortlisted few printers for him. EPSON stylus t13...
  5. A

    Want to buy ALL in ONE (PRINT-SCAN-COPY) .. Please suggest .. urgent..Mumbai

    I want to buy a 3 in one (PRINT-SCAN-COPY) for prints .. 95% prints will be B/W.... Budget : max: Rs.7000 Will be buying from mumbai(lamington road) or online if i get a good deal. Want to purchase in a couple of days.. Please suggest the best one ... Thanks AH
  6. S

    lipi printer problem

    in our office we use lipi serial printer.pc is having win xp sp2 .when i try to print a report of the co which is in 14*11 size ,the printout prints in letter type.thus the paper is wasted as it contains mixed lines, figures .i tried to change the settings from pc as paper size 15*12,cpi17.5 but...
  7. M

    Hp photosmart b209a under warranty

    Hello guys i am selling of my mint condition HP photosmart b209a Almost in new. MRP:RS 9400 Warranty left : 1+year Expected price:7000 plus shipping Its almost new. and i had not removed the cover at all . Just took few prints thats all.
  8. T

    need printer suggestion plsssss

    hi, we out here have a counter which prints photo quality prints, almost 250 nos daily. of late we have been using Hp photosmart series printer but it seems that these printers are not meant for heavy duty prints. 2 printers has gone kaput in 2 years. this is really annoying. can...
  9. Techn0crat

    T-Shirt and T-Shirt Printing

    Where can I get blank T-Shirt in Mumbai?(completely blank)And are there any shops which prints images on T-Shirt?Can I give them designs created by me to print?
  10. sandeepkochhar

    ZN5 Free Kodak Prints

    Guys I bought Moto ZN5 yesterday from Staples Store, GIP, Noida and it costed me just Rs 13,500/- along with a 2GB card. Finally I was able to get my hands on Moto after a lot of failed search in the local market. There is an option of free 100 6"*8" prints from any Kodak outlet. Has anybody...
  11. ruturaj3

    Integer range in C

    HI, In C int is by default, signed short int so it uses 2 bytes(I m talking abt 16 bit compiler). and its range is -32768 to 32767. And char uses 1 byte. char ch = 1300, printf("%d",ch); prints 20. coz, it takes only 8 bits. 1300 = 0101 0001 0100 in binary. so when storing 1300...
  12. ajayritik

    Please suggest me a printer for DTP purpose

    One of my friends is planning to buy a printer. He has small cyber cafe where he needs printer to take prints for his customers. Can anybody tell me what type of printer he should opt for? I'm really not aware of the types of printer and their prices. Please give me just an idea I will try to...
  13. R

    Newbie To Printers

    newbie to printer.... HI FRIENDS , YESTERDAY I BOUGHT CANON PIXMA IP 1200 for INR 1300 it came with one color cartrige,,,,, and on internet its said average life of cartrige is 100 prints only,, n the cost of color n b/w cartriges of canon are damm costly, this printer has two slots one...
  14. chandru_skc

    How to take prints of the fast track pdf

    im not able to take prints of the fast track pdf provided with digit DVD... is it copyrighted...??? is it possible...
  15. ComputerUser

    Printer problem

    I have a Epson C45 printer. While printing, it pulls out many papers from the tray and then prints up. Why is this?
  16. mohanty1942

    Print from anonymous terminal

    In our organisation there are more than 25 machines (All Win2K client) spread over (geographically) quite apart from each other. HP Laserjet 2200 is located in central office for which no dedicated print servers/machines work--rather the printer is configured on a IP and individual machines...
  17. R


    my sir has an epson color styllus 480 printer . whic he did not used it for years. now he has cleaned the printer(means roller and all that ) and using wid that same old catridge.But the printer does not prints any page though the head assemle moves to and fro. and alos the printer software...
  18. S

    Pri~!@#*&nting Problem

    I am using dual-boot system WindowsXP and Windows98 installed.I have Panasonic KX-1180 dot matrix printer.Whenever I try to print anything from WindowsXP it prints some wild characters and then stops but in the case of Windows98 it prints everything that I want.Why this problem is occuring?If...
  19. RaghuKL

    hp psc 1315 prints test by itself

    my hp psc 1315 prints a test page every time its turned on:mad: . have already wasted lots of ink . can anybody give a soln. for this
  20. K

    RedHat 8 not printing properly

    RedHat 8 Psyche TVS MSP 355 (24 pin) Prints only printer fonts. Prints some long text codes when tried to print Open Office files. How to configure it properly?
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