1. S

    lipi printer problem

    in our office we use lipi serial printer.pc is having win xp sp2 .when i try to print a report of the co which is in 14*11 size ,the printout prints in letter type.thus the paper is wasted as it contains mixed lines, figures .i tried to change the settings from pc as paper size 15*12,cpi17.5 but...
  2. jiteshbhimani

    All-in-One or Seperate Printer and Scanner?

    Hi Friends, I am confused which one should i get...... Should i go for MULTIFUNCTION All-In-ONE or should i buy decent printer and scanner. And which company should i trust and what is the difference between Inkjet and Laser Jet? Which one would be advisable if i take printout of one...
  3. The Incredible

    Which paper to use in HP Inkjet Printer?

    Hi! I have few free wallpapers on my desktop and I want their printout. I don't have a printer but my friend does. He's having HP Inkjet printer. We usually use A4 size paper of orient. But I don't which paper I should use in case of those high quality wallpapers. I want good paper quality...
  4. a_medico

    Help :Printout in Visual basic

    my friend is developing a software in VB. he is interested in a printout which should be customizable with respect to fonts,ssize and colour in print preview.... how to proceed as in VB usually theres only one default size, font we have to select.... is this possible? if yes,, how...
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