1. T

    Possible to change from Idea Postpaid to Prepaid?

    Is it possible? I have a Idea postpaid SIM; would like to transfer to prepaid.
  2. RCuber

    [Tutorial] How to Migrate from Prepaid Airtel 3G to 4G (LTE)

    Hello Guys, Here is a simple tutorial on how to migrate your Prepaid Airtel 2G/3G connect to Prepaid 4G connection. All existing 3G data plans work in 4G also.In fact there is no prepaid 4G data plans. Item Checklist. Steps. NOTE: The reason I wrote this tutorial is because the...
  3. N

    MTS Ultra WiFi vs Photon Max WiFi

    What I know : 1) MTS quite faster than Photon in Delhi but both don't provide the promised speed 2) MTS prepaid better than MTS postpaid as people claim of receiving huge bills but prepaid costs approx. 2500 rupees with 10 GB recharge already...
  4. M

    new mtnl prepaid broadband connection in delhi @458 rupees

    mai mtnl delhi ka prepaid broadband (in 458 rupees with 512kbps unlimited data) connection lena chahta hu, but my question is- will they charge me for the modem or router provided by them, if yes then how? will i get the bill for it? or will i have to submit the monthly charges to the sanchar...
  5. webgenius

    Is it worth moving from Airtel prepaid to postpaid?

    Here is my sample recharge summary for my Airtel prepaid: 16th July: Rs 200 top-up 16th July: Rs 31 SMS pack activation 19th July: Rs 97 Call charge discount pack 26th July: Rs 200 top-up 26th July: Rs 103 3G pack activation You see, I have spent almost 630 bucks in the last 15 days on...
  6. Empirial

    iQuery Regarding iPhone 4S & iPad 3

    Hi, 1) We all know that both Aircel & Airtel launched iPhone 4S in India. Now both these companies offers some Plans especially made for iPhone Prepaid & Postpaid users. My question is that if I buy a Factory Unlocked 4S to use with say an Aircel/Airtel Prepaid Sim then will I be forced to...
  7. Extreme Gamer

    Prepaid PSN cards?

    DNA Transcription.
  8. Empirial

    Blackberry Torch & Vodafone BIS 299

    Blackberry Torch & Vodafone BIS 399 Hi Guys, I'm thinking of buying New Blackberry Torch as my 2nd phone with Vodafone Prepaid Connection. Anybody here using Vodafone BIS 399 prepaid plan? How good is this plan & does it has unlimited web surfing facility? Thanks!
  9. H

    Trace Any Reliance Subscriber’s Surname

    The number of mobile subscribers in India are rapidly increasing. Its very rare to find someone without a mobile phone these days. This explosive growth in mobile phone users have lead to an increase in getting suspicious and mischievous calls and messages. If you are getting such these types...
  10. S

    Doubts in Reliance Netconnect Prepaid

    Hi all, I have a Reliance Netconnect Postpaid connection which I am considering changing to prepaid. In this regard I have a few doubts... 1. Can we change existing postpaid connection to prepaid? Any charges for it? Will same modem work? 2. For the 5-hour pack and 10-hour pack, there...
  11. S

    Prepaid Plan (For STD calls)

    Which operator offers the best prepaid plans for a cellphone customer to make STD calls? I heard that there's a night (11am to 6pm) plan which makes STD calls between Reliance to Reliance numbers absolutely free for a price of Rs 80 or something/month. Is that true? Any other STD rate cutters...
  12. R

    BSNL launches prepaid broadband service

    The prepaid broadband service which was launched in Karnataka Telecom Circle on Friday, will be expanded to other places in a phased manner, said A.K. Jain, General Manager (broadband), BSNL Corporate Office. While places in South Zone will be covered by November 15, 85 important cities, and...
  13. S

    Mobile phone for Browsing net on desktop

    Dear All, I want to buy a phone that is good for browsing internet on desktop PC via data cable. GPRS on bsnl prepaid. Music player is must. Price range @ 5000 INR.
  14. M

    Need Suggestions for PrePaid Plan in Maharashtra !!!

    Well as the title says i need a new prepaid connection ....I searched for the plans on the websites of operators but couldn't make head or tail out of it .... I need lower call rates for local calls on all mobiles ..... looking at Airtel friendz but are there any other plans ....
  15. S

    Access Internet on Prepaid for BlackBerry

    Hi, I have blackberry 8100 perl. I have unlocked my mobile and using Airtel. I want to access internet in prepaid service. Is there any tricks to access internet on prepaid for BlackBerrry? Thanks Srikanth Shet
  16. RCuber

    BSNL PrePaid to PostPaid Conversion

    Hey guys, I was wondering if I can change my existing BSNL prepaid connection to a post paid one. I want to know the procedure. :) .. I hope BSNL provides this facility. ahem.. anybody home!!
  17. pulkit_aga

    New mobile connection

    Hey guys I need a new mobile usage per month is 300-400 minutes including 60% local call and 40% STD calls. Please suggest me the cheap and best suited plan either in prepaid or postpaid from any mobile operator for GSM network. Also i need GPRS facility(unlimited). I looked...
  18. Zangetsu

    Which Prepaid 2 choose ???

    Hi..which prepaid plan 2 choose Airtel or Vodafone... my main purpose is 4 GPRS internet...currently stucked with Airtel coz they have VFM internet on mobile ...Rs 15 per day....only ;) so...which plan 2 choose in Airtel & if Vodafone is good then also which one...:confused:
  19. aminsagar123

    indian n82 with 3 prepaid in australia

    hi guys, i have a question... m going to australia and gt nokia n82, will the n82 bought frm india work with 3 prepaid in australia. please guide me asap. thanks.
  20. aditya1987

    Mobile Internet on N73?

    Hello friends! I have recently bought Nokia N73. I wanted to know, how can i run internet on moblie, i have airtel prepaid connection and how much will it cost to surf. Thanks..
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