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  1. Zangetsu

    Government Job vs Private Job

    What u think guys.. which is most prefered & what u think abt it...
  2. lordirecto

    Optimum graphic card at 10,000 Rupees

    I would like to know more information about graphic cards priced at 10k. Seeing some online seller sites, I noticed that GTX 460 is around 10k mark. I would like to know which manufacturer is the best in this category. The budget can be extended to a maximum of 11k. I am asking this for a...
  3. d3p

    Buying Advice : New Config with Water Cooling

    Hi Guys, One of my friend is intrested in Buying a PC with Water Cooling. Purpose : Gaming, Rendering & Video Editing Budget : More than 1L[100k], but less than 2L[200k]. Overclocking: Yes of course with a Water Cooling Prefered. Need suggestion is selecting the components & suggestion on...
  4. redtiger

    Nvidia 8500GT@1500 INR

    I want to sell my nvidia 8500GT @1500 INR. Prefered ncr Other through ebay.
  5. P

    looking for most probably nokia

    Hi!!! i'm looking forward for a balanced phone wth good connectivity 3g prefered & a goodd camera?? plz help me...
  6. hahahari

    Suggest a Phone For 8K

    Suggest a Phone For 8K | Cam And Style Is Deciding Factor Well, one of my friends need a mobile for 8K (Not very extendible) Requirements The Most Important is CAM Style (Slim Prefered, slide or Flip is Ok too) Reliablity and life Battery life MP3 Good Smartphone like...
  7. speedyguy

    Need cdma mobile upto 9k

    plz help wit this.....i have an indicom connection... best mobile upto 9k....camera wit flash prefered....and fm ps: not any very specific requirements Enjoy~!
  8. ajayashish

    phone with in 10000

    Can someone suggest me a good phone within 10k.... the phone must not be bulky as it will be used by a girl so can be feminine... phone considered are K550i as i liked the cybershots a lot... any other suggestions and reasons for that as well.. Sony Ericssion and Nokia prefered
  9. m-jeri

    Which LCD 22" or 20"

    guys..help me...ok.... I am eyeing on a 22 incher....primaril..gt a quote for AOC for 12K.... but dunno abt its quality...my usage is gaming and movies.... i would have prefered with composite inputs...but price may go up...my limit is 15K..... heard abt these two... Samsung 932NW...
  10. anish_sha

    Graphics card needed ! !

    Hi guys i need a good graphics card(agp) with in 2k. . .Geforce 6600 prefered , else 5500,6200 or any other better 'll also do..
  11. piyush gupta

    Notebook Prices

    I want to configer a notebook tell me some companies who allow me to do this and i want to know the price too for the configured thing 2gb ram, 256 mb graphics card, core 2 duo processor just no OS no budget all top end 120/160 gb hdd bluetooth not must preferable 15" screen graphics...
  12. B

    windows media player 10

    this is the question for all try this and give me the answer open wmp10>tools>options>performence[tab]>advanced> see prefered decoder Q) how will you change it from software to hardware ?
  13. P

    taking out the music from the video

    i had some music videos and i wanted to get the mp3 of the audio playing in the video is it possible could anyone recommand some software free ones are prefered
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