1. A

    png to jpeg freeware

    please suggesr freeware to convert png into jpeg format.want a downloadable version which doesnt require me o go online to convert
  2. Worried From Bugs

    [Request] PNG Image Compress Needed

    I am looking for PNG Image Compress Tool. Don't Suggest Pngcrush & Irfan View. :| Thanks
  3. R

    Few questions.

    Hi friends, i have few doubts... can any one help me in this. 1. i have downloaded some fonts for my pc. now where should i place that files. is there any specific folder in MS word where i can copy that font file.or any other way. 2. i have downloaded some icon files also in png format, but...
  4. 56561

    downloaded icons but dont know how to use it .

    Hi I have downloaded a set of icons which are both in .ico and png type. but how to replace the original windows icon with these icons ? can anyone help?
  5. S

    png files???????

    hoiw to use png files for icon ? plz tell me the software by which I can use these files. thxxxx
  6. uchiha.sasuke

    Unable to view my profile picture

    Hi guys, I m not able to view my profile picture in the posts i submit .......size of my pic is 39 kb ,format: png and resolution 100 x 100 pixels......;););););)
  7. caleb

    PNG wallapers for Skydome in BERYL

    OK, does anyone have any good websites that you can suggest for free png wallpaper downloads, the wallpapers need to be SPECIFICALLY for skydome in BERYL. Those of you who may not know what is skydome in Beryl please do not just suggest any random website addresses for png wallpapers as it...
  8. R

    Using PNG file to draw form shap and transparency

    Hi, Anyone knows code to draw form shape using png file also it should be transparent where png file has transparency. To be more clear i want code in VB in which I will use PNG FILE WHICH HAS TRINGULAR GRAPHICS, I WANT my form to be tringular and where there is no triangle that portion to...
  9. K

    how 2 apply png icons in folders

    hi guys i wanna ask tht if any1 knows then plz tell me tht "how 2 apply png icons in folders". i had recently downloaded png icons frm crystal xp. plz help me. THNX a TON IN ADVANCE.
  10. H

    modifing PNG icons help

    I have downloaded some png icons from the net to make to desktop enhancements . what happened is . I was fixed those icons in some apple kind of lunchbars . It was all ok and fine . trouble started when I tried to change the icon colour using irfanview ( just RBG to GRB type of thing and...
  11. ionicsachin

    You all have cool logos..

    Most of the forum members have cool logos under thair nickname. I have a video file (.avi). How can i cut only one part of it and than convert it into gif or png
  12. jay4u

    Using PNG as an icon file....

    Well, I was wondering whether there is a work around in Windows XP or some 3rd party software which let us use png files as icons... okie i know windows Xp support only ico file and it allows alpha blend.... but i could not just resist asking... i have a software called icolor which could...
  13. E

    Converting icons Preserving transperency

    Please tell me few softwares that can convert png to .ico with transparency
  14. C

    PNG icons

    Hey I want to create PNG icons Can anyone help me
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