1. Z

    need a good sleek smart phone

    i need a phone under 30k. have found many phones under the brand asus, zenfone, one plus, honor but my problem is these brandS are kinda new n recent in the smartphone market so m having troubling placing my trusts in them regardless of there specs. ny thoughts and do suggest some phones!
  2. sksksksk

    8 beeps on startup

    I am getting 8 beeps on startup! I have Gigabyte mobo. I tried removing and placing the ram again and tried it repeated time but still no use! What should i do?
  3. Superayush

    Positive Experience Bl-4c battery from They selling it at rs 232 +79(handling) and so got it for 311. The item got delivered in 4 days from placing order and battery packed and received fine,working fine Mrp on packet was 530 or so I guess...
  4. T

    How many guys here brought MOTO G???

    From Launch to sell, MOto G won hearts of Smartphone users. I am also a big fan of Android phones. I am using a Nexus 5. But there is a craze of Moto G in Market now. So many friends of mine Have ordered it and yesterday my colleague received his Brand new Moto G. It looks great Smartphone. I am...
  5. bajaj151

    Speaker affects color ?

    I am using 2 speakers (Local Made) with amplifier placed near my monitor. I want to know, is placing speaker near monitor have any -ve effect on monitor ?
  6. G

    AdBrite Query??

    Hi frenz!!I've just created a blog in blogger and wanted to place adbrite ads in my blog.. I request u to give any suggestions and anything i should be aware of before placing the ads..and things that could possibly go wrong.. thanx..
  7. hansraj

    Ordering Dell Laptop online... trustworthy???

    hi friends... I have recently recommended one of my friend a Dell laptop configuration online and have placed a request for the same on the net. But he had apprehensions about ordering a laptop online, so far I never heard from anyone getting cheated on this regard but i thougt might as well...
  8. bajaj151

    Ques: Monitor,Speakers,Liteon

    1) Can I connect DVD player with Monitor (CRT), so that I can watch movie without switching on my pc. 2) Is placing speakers near monitor...affects the display of monitor ? 3) Where is Lite-on Service center in delhi ?
  9. champ_rock

    site for forum hosting

    hi i wanted to create a forum for my friends........ can u please tell me any FREE site which hosts forums on them.. . the site MUST allow changes in templates (for placing my ads :) ) also, preferably it should be Invision board as i dont like phpbb much.. but both will do....
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