1. Nanducob

    Phoenix Jones - A Real Life Superhero

    This may be old news..From wiki Phoenix Jones with his sidekick Purple Reign Phoenix Jones is also recruiting people. Requirements: Phoenix Jones - Jones News 8-)
  2. R

    Will LG Phoenix and LG Thrive come to India?

    Hi, Will LG Phoenix And LG Thrive come to India, or is it only for AT&T avlble countries? If LG Phoenix or Thrive come to India, What will be the possible date of release? Thanks
  3. paroh

    SETI home for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

    Come and join in the search of Extraterrestrial Intelligence source Download, install and run the BOINC software used by SETI@home. When prompted, enter the URL...
  4. H

    need Phoenix Bios Editor Pro

    hey guys i need Phoenix Bios Editor Pro urgently as i want to oc my 8400m GS gfx card. so plz some1 give me the link.
  5. D

    bios update????

    how imp is it to update ur bios?? n how do i do it? mine is phoenix softwares, dated jun'05..
  6. R

    Flashing phones Phoenix sw doubts

    i recently dl'ed the firmware v5.00 for my 5300 but it requires "AMS Phoenix release 2007.4.6.170 or newer is required" what is this? where can i get it? what are black boxes? is flashing reliable? is it advantageous? what is the diff. between firmware from NSU and these things? is...
  7. pritish_kul2

    want harry potter and the order of phoenix ticket

    want harry potter and the order of phoenix ticket ASAP in anywhere in delhi. pllzz i want to watch the movie.
  8. satyamy

    Harddisk Crashed...... Data Loss...... Help Needed......

    My friends Hdd crashed today in morning he called up his engineer, his eng. said that his hdd has been crashed & it is not showing its partiton all his data & partitions has been lossed Pls help is theri any option to safely recover the data any soft I search thinkdigit a lot & got that...
  9. N

    Problem With Data Recovary Software Problem Stellar Phoenix

    Hello I have looked for a solution via think digit that is where the problem lies. This doesn't seem to have proved successful so I thought i'd try a more general approach I have installed some software (stellar phoenix fat & ntfs.exe,version 2.1) on a windows XP pro versoin 2006 sp2...
  10. jacques

    SATA HDD 160GB- BIOS not detecting

    My Bios is not detecting HDD. I do not know that my board support 160 GB HDD or not? Configuration are as: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 (build 2600) 1.80 gigahertz AMD Athlon 64 MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD MS-7142 1.00 BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 06/27/2006...
  11. R

    updating bios!!!!!!

    my BIOS properties are : award bios type :phoenix award biosv6.00pg system bios date :04/04/02 video bios date : 1/22/02 bios manufacturer: company name :phoenix technologies ltd. sumbody plz help me how can i update my there any web site to do dis.
  12. S

    Overclocking P4

    How to overclock my p4 1.9 GHz 845 GL Chipset? it has Phoenix BIOS setup utility.
  13. Yoda

    BIOS Password. Please Help me out.

    Hi When I start the Machine I pressed "F2" to enter the BIOS. But I forgot the password of the BIOS and I couldn't change any settings in it. But I could see the information in the BIOS but unable to change any settings in the BIOS. I want to RESET or REMOVE the password of the BIOS...
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