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  1. P

    Fair Usage Policy Removal : Sign This Petition

    Source: https://streetsoflucknow.in/2015/06/21/re-volt-remove-the-fair-usage-policy-and-enable-unlimited-internet-data-plans/ Why internet needs to be limited while we are paying enough amount of money to these mobile companies. Mobile companies had limited everything.They simply want to earn...
  2. P

    D.O.N.T MAKE A GTA V PC PORT! (Petition)

    http://www.change.org/en-IN/petitions/rockstar-games-dont-make-a-pc-version-of-gta-v THIS IS A PETITION WHICH I SIGNED AND ENCOUGRAGE ALL TO SIGN IT SO THAT PC GAMERS LEARN THEIR LESSON NAD STOP PIRACY 90% people want gta v coz they can't pay 3k for it I BUYED A Xbox 360 TO PLAY JUST HALO 4...
  3. Extreme Gamer

    Include Polandball achievement in Civ V brave new world.

    There is an online petition that I started to include a Polandball achievement for Poland called "Can into space?" in the upcoming expansion. You can read polandball memes in Polandball. Petition Include achievement "Can into space?" in the new Civilization V DLC It would be really cool...
  4. Nipun

    F.I.R. Against Honey Singh For "vulgar songs"

    Gurgaon hotel cancels rapper Honey Singh's concert, FIR in Lucknow over offensive lyrics - The Times of India My question: Why did they take 6 years to wake up? And: He never sang these songs in public. People who don't want to hear them shall never download/buy/listen to them on internet...
  5. Desmond

    Pakistani court rules out internet censorship by the Government as unconstitutional

    In Feb this year, The Pakistani government was looking for proposals to set up a homegrown internet URL filtering system in order to block about 50 million websites which it deems unworthy. (Source 1,Source 2) However, some civil rights groups have moved the court, which has ruled out that...
  6. gundappaswami

    Petition for Dark Souls on pc

    Heres what a Namco Bandai staff has to say heres the link Here's the coverage It also got coverage from TotalBiscuit, Reddit, NeoGaf etc. So they want a successful petition. Will they take notice? It's worth trying so sign the petition here.:razz: Dark Souls for PC - Petition...
  7. N

    Humiliating portrayal of stammerers in Hindi movie - Golmaal 3

    Hi, Some of you must have seen promos of a forthcoming Hindi movie – Golmal 3 YouTube - Golmaal 3 [dialogue promo] These promos portray stutterers in a very bad light, like they are dim-wits of people with less intelligence. I consider myself quite thick-skinned and am not usually...
  8. H

    sign the petition

    if u agree than sign this online petition AT: http://www.petitiononline.com/vialinux/ STOP BUING VIA Products if they do not provide REAL linux support. have u via based pcs/laptops? if yes than tell them your experinces with linux. they are making linux user fool by saying that they are...
  9. M

    H1B not valid, Petition is Valid.

    Hi, Currently I am out of US ( In India). I have H1B Visa which is not valid, issued by my current employer , But I hold valid Petition. Let me know the ways where I got back and work in US with my H1 if can get transfer. thanks Mit
  10. kalpik

    Petition to Airtel Broadband. Please sign!

    http://afup.broadbandforum.in/ Please sign even if you are not an Airtel Customer. Remember to sign with valid email IDs.. You would need to confirm your email address before your petition is counted. Oh, and spread the word! Blog about it, post it on forums, orkut, facebook, twitter, status...
  11. itechnoholic

    Petition to Apple

    An online petition has been started against Apple to have price cut for its iPhone 3G in India. To support log on to ( http://www.petitiononline.com/31000ip/petition.html ) Please support this petition, and spread this message among your friends.
  12. aryayush

    A plea to Harry Potter fans: Please support J.K. Rowling on her eBay lawsuit!

    As we reported previously, JK Rowling is suing eBay for allowing illegal and fraudulent copies of her works to be sold on the auction site. Jo has managed to obtain an injunction which prevents eBay from listing illegal copies (namely e-versions of her books), which is binding until a May 23rd...
  13. anispace

    Vista price petition pops up on UK Government site!

    source link
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