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  1. IronCruz

    Help me solve this puzzle!

    Relate these images to a personality
  2. Cool G5

    What's Your Cell-Phone Personality Test

    Check out this cool Cell Phone Personality Test: http://www.quizilla.com/quizzes/6152952/whats-your-cell-phone-personality My Result: You are always Online!!! Quite True :D :D
  3. anandk

    Get a Cool Hotmail id !

    Get a Unique Mail ID from LIVE, that reflects your personality http://www.coolhotmail.com/ Surprisingly wide options !
  4. Faun

    Marvel Super Hero Personality Test

    Check whos inside u Marvel Super Hero Personality Test I am Silver Surfer:D and on Female side:
  5. Akshay

    HP laserjet 1010: Unsupported personality error

    I use HP Laserjet 1010 over lan. If print command is given from the computer to which it is connected, there is no error. But if print command is given from any network computer, it returns an error: "unsupported personality: PCL" This error is printed on the page and no error is shown...
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