1. bubusam13

    Road permit

    Hi Guys, if I purchase something big from eBay, do I need road permit ? If yes how to obtain that and and what can be the consequence of not having a road permit ?
  2. ctrl_alt_del

    Work Permit in France, Some Questions.

    Does one require to have a birth certificate to get a work permit in France? I have my birth date reflected in my 10th and +2 certificate as well as in passport. Will that be sufficient enough? From what I know, one is required to report at the town hall of the specific city in France on...
  3. S

    Bit Torrent problem

    Hi, Can anyone tell me as to why does my bit torrent always have a yellow icon which says "network not connected properly ". I tried port forwarding , it passed . I have XP home ,DSL connection and Norton . In norton i have see a program control tab , under which bit torrent goes under the tab "...
  4. Official Techie

    norton worm protection

    is detecting morpheus and asks several times if i want to permit it one time in every 5 secs wat do i do to stop it
  5. anandk

    hey norton this !

    Symantec antivirus in danger zone Symantec's range of antivirus software is under imminent threat from a loophole discovered by an independent security expert, who says the flaw could permit certain virus or worms to attack and destroy programs on users' PCs. :twisted...
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