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  1. U

    Radeon HD 7770

    Hi friends! I wanted to ask whether using a radeon hd 7770 with a 2nd generation intel core processor hinder the perfomance? And PLEASE suggest a Radeon HD 7770 within 8.5k. Thanx:-D
  2. I

    Passmark perfomance test.

    Guys download passmark software from here, PassMark PerformanceTest - PC benchmark software And post ur perfomance score of cpu and gpu and even ur system if u want..
  3. D


    I had purchased a nvidia 7300 GT 512 Mb ddr2 of sparkle make this feb..... and I want to improve its performance as the current perfomance is not up to the mark.....:(:(:(can someone please suggest something........ My mobo is 945gcnl....
  4. Who

    Riva Tuner v2.05

    Riva Tuner v2.05 will be out in few hours. you guys must be thinking why i made a thread for soft which has not come out yet ? http://img394.imageshack.us/img394/2158/oclc7.jpg Just look at this image, yes this version has the shader overcloking ability so 8600 GT & above get ready...
  5. aneesh kalra

    Agp aperture

    Can somebody please tell me what should be the ideal agp aperture setting for an intel 865 gbf mobo with nvidia 6200 256 mb card and 512 mb ram@333mhz installed.Considring an optimum balance between playing games and perfomance please suggest this.At present it is configured at 16mb by...
  6. zbuu

    Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC FAQ

    Iwouldlike to know the follwing about Intel® Desktop Board D101GGC: ?Dual Channel (Does it support dula chnl ?5.1 (can i use 5.1 speakers) ?Onboard GFX(? X300?) (How is the perfomance of the onboard X300(is it dx9.0 comptble?) Perfomance (Ovrl perfomance) (plz also comment...
  7. dOm1naTOr

    7600GS or GT??

    Im goin for a new system nd looking for a good gcard...nd a lil bit confused. My vendor has 7600GT for 13000/- nd a GS for 7.5k. Both from XFX. The GS has gr8 value for money but confused of its perfomance. Is GT really that gr8 for the perfomance?? Can anyone give benchmarks/links of the perf...
  8. samrulez

    SLI Vs Cross Fire

    Which is Better SLI from nVidia or Crossfire from ATi?Considering price Vs perfomance
  9. A

    SATA and SATA 2

    Hi, Is there much diference between SATA1 and SATA2 in perfomance What is the cos of SATA2 hard disks
  10. A

    Cost of XFX 6600 GT AGP 128 MB?

    Can anyone tell me the price of "XFX 6600 GT AGP 128 MB".Please tell me abt its perfomance as compared to other cards
  11. D

    Tips for WinXP!!!!

    Can anyone post tips to improve Windows XP and its perfomance. :?:
  12. S

    r there ne perfomance laptops??

    another question ppl. i was just wondering whether perfomance laptops are being manufactured. which companies??
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