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  1. dashing.sujay

    Where can I get original Kensington lock ?

    Any idea ? It's not available anywhere online. Can check Nehru place (Delhi), but it's too big a place to look for such a peculiar product. Thanks
  2. Arnab

    Peculiar Problem- Computer hanged

    Hello , One of my friend is facing a prob, PLease read belo his words so, can any one help out this peculiar problem ? what should he do? wating egerly for your responses Thanks.
  3. prateekchanda

    Peculiar - Disk Size difference

    I got a peculiar issue have a look at the size difference between, Used Space in C: properties i.e. 56.5GB and space used by all the files and folders in the root of C: with all the files visible i.e. 59.2 and 54.4 GB depending what u r comparing, is 2.7GB and -2.1GB Respectively I thinks...
  4. N

    Browser Hijack

    My IE 6 has been hijacked by some spyware or browser hijacker. Whenever I click search results in google it takes me to some other peculiar sites instead of the link provided. Is there any solution?
  5. kerthivasan

    YOU TUBE- what is the meaning?

    what is the meaning of the name "YOU TUBE"? y did they chose such a peculiar name? any reason?
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