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  1. R

    Dell India Payment Options

    They are forcing me to accept the option to "have a dell rep call me", and they also have option to "not have a dell rep call me" but that option dont work.. lol before i submit to their force, i would like to know what u guys opted for as a payment option. So what u guys think is a better...
  2. cooljeba

    Dead Rising 2 - PS3 - Sealed Copy

    Hi, I have a sealed copy of Dead Rising 2 for PS3.. I bought this game to play but never got the motivation nor time to play it.. So here it is on sale.. Price : 1700 Shipped. Payment : Online to my citibank account. If you want to do amount deposit you need to bare the charges. The...
  3. P

    PAYBOX --- a new way of payment

    LINK PayBox is developing an online currency and payment processing service to make buying and selling online easier, more secure and available to everyone. Why you should join today... * You start with a $25 balance and it's free. * PayBox will add up to $20 per day to your...
  4. R

    Accept payment through website

    Hi, i am planning to start a website where i will sell a very few products. so my requirement is that i need to accept payment from my website. so how do i proceed? i expect my sales would be just 5-10 products a day. do i need to go for my personal Merchant account? infact i dont...
  5. blademast3r

    Has anyone purchased anything from deltapage?

    Hey guys I came across deltapage.com from another thread. Has anyone bought anything from them? Their prices seem good. Howz the service?? And payment system?? The site looks a bit badly designed to wondering if its a scammy thingy :P
  6. max_demon

    [Sealed Pack] SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drives

    * SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drive Quantity Available: 13+10 Condition: Brand New [Sealed Pack] Warranty: 5 Years! Asking Price: Rs. 550 /- Shipped Each. (not negotiable) Locations : Bangalore/Nagpur ######################### 1. Combined shipping discount to buyer who buys 3...
  7. stellar

    Total Bandwidth Usage

    I am using Broad band connection and its based on data volume use. From where can i see how much i am downloading so that i dun have to pay more than the monthly payment.
  8. C

    Get tata sky for real cheap

    Buy Tata sky on ebay At rs 500+shipping..though the shipping is a bit high Use coupon code 2KI9KBI3AY while making payment and get rs 300 off. So overall u get rs 500 voucher for Rs 320. Vouchers will be delivered physically.
  9. quad_master

    Paypal a/c

    i supposed to receive certain amnt from UK...they preferred paypal a/c...i heared abt it bt havent used it till date...:D 1. is personal a/c is suffice to receive payment...say 10000 INR 2. how can i withdraw money after payment is received...im lil bit confused here bcoz u need a credit card to...
  10. Psychosocial

    Has anyone bought GTA4 from Next World ?

    Has anyone bought GTA IV for PC from Next World here ? If yes then what payment method did you choose ? I have ordered GTA4 from them. I chose to deposit money in their bank acc. I did it yesterday and clicked on the Cash Deposited button in 'My Account' page... the status till now is 'Verifying...
  11. A

    How to accept payment by card at my retail shop

    Hi All I have a retail shop in a small city of uttar pradesh. I want facility to accept payment from my customer through credit/debit cards. How do i get this facility. please tell the whole procedure and total investment required.
  12. Pearl Groupz

    Selling Mine 1 Year Mcafee Account for Cheap ( 15 $ Only)

    Selling Mine 1 Year Mcafee Account for Cheap ( 8 $ Only) Subscription: 1PCs You Can Protect: 1 Screenshot: Payment method: Paypal Moneybookers E-gold price now Decreases now selling for 8 $ only, reply fast
  13. Ganeshkumar

    Want to spend money which is in my Paypal Account

    Hi all :) :) I have some money in my paypal account, i am not interested to transfer to my bank account. So I am planning to shop online and spend. I need to know, which Indian shopping site, accept Paypal mode of payment and also need good ideas to spend it online :D If no Indian site...
  14. S

    How to recharge mobile online-India

    I want to know any sites offering recharge or mobiles, Top-Up vouchers etc. in our mobiles- BSNL, Smart, Airtel etc. (Payment via netbanking SBI or others n Paypal) Could not find any site so asked here.
  15. aminsagar123

    Paypal Payment Stopped. Need Urgent Help.

    Hi, I recently sold a website on digital point forums for $460. Yesterday, the buyer sent me the credit card payment of $460 via paypal and i accepted it. I transferred the domain and website to the buyer. After few minutes i initiated fund withdrawal of $440 to my icici bank account. Now...
  16. sachin_kothari

    Shopping Cart + Payment Gateway

    Hi folks, I need to design a e-commerce website which will include a shopping cart and payment gateway for payment of the bills through various indian banks, paypal, etc. (as in irctc.co.in for payment of tickets). I need a script for this task in php. Thanks in advance.
  17. raksrules

    How does paypal work ??

    Can anyone please let me know how does PAYPAL work ? I have registered there and linked my credit card to my Paypal account. Now what ?? What if i plan to buy something from ebay.com (US based) and choose Paypal for payment. How will the payment be made. I havent put any money in my Paypal...
  18. m-jeri

    [For Sale] XBOX 360 Games

    I am selling off my orginal XBOX-360 games.... 1. Forza 2 & Viva Pinata - 800 ( bundle pack....)* Please note: 1. Payment via net transfer 2. Will ship as soon as payment received 3. Check my reputation in Trading feedback if u want * Price include shipping If interested i...
  19. blademast3r

    Indian gadgets site which accepts paypal?

    hey guys is there any good online gadgets site which supports paypal payment and delivers in india?
  20. rahul964

    I want Web Hosting Account!

    Will Any 1 Help me... Payment method: paypal I visited www.godaddy.com & choose my plan but when the payment page appearn it asking to add credit cart..but i have no Credit card.. I have 10$ in My paypal Account & i want to purchase Web hosting Account with out Adding Credit Card... is...
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