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  1. A

    How much should I tip my hair stylist

    Hi , I get my hair cut done at Essensulas(sub brand of tony &guy) . I usually pick out offers from Groupon /news paper. So the usual charge is 150-200 for hair cut +shave+wash done by a senior stylist . How much is the usual tip, I feel I could make him feel offended by paying him less so I...
  2. krishnandu.sarkar

    What if someone pays CC Bill by the same or other CC?

    Well, the thread title says everything, just got my bill yesterday, and while paying, this thing came to my mind. What if someone keeps paying the bill by the same CC or some other CC(if that person have multiple CC's)? In this way, he can use the loophole forever, and can never pay bank...
  3. X

    One Android phone costs 10000. Another 45000. Fair?

    Hey all... I will be honest. I have an Android Phone. A Motorola RaZr. Nice, big, good hardware. Games run smooth. Occasionally lags but that's OK. I paid 30000 for this phone. Good. I was happy. I was proud. Not anymore but. Why? Hears of MicroMaxx or Karbonn or even this now: Sigh. I'm...
  4. pacificb0y

    Cost of running a pc for 20 hours

    hey people i have a gtx 550 ti with asus motherboard and a 19 inch monitor with a 600 watt iball sprinter smps i casually run my computer for 10 hours sometimes 20 which includes 10 hours of downloading at night ,i wonder how much i am paying to run my computer for 20 hours on a daily basis...
  5. B

    About Dell Moniter

    hi.. i want to buy a monitor (18.5" or 20"). i found that smc is selling a dell LED monitor (20") for 6000rs in ebay..(deals of the week) Is it really worth it. or am i paying more money....? that is the cheapest that i can find in any site.. please comment...
  6. v.Na5h

    Is networking domain a low paying job?

    is networking domain a low paying job? lots of people are telling me to avoid getting into networking domain first of all it a tedious,hectic and low paying job. secondly sys admins are not given respect as compared to software engineers thirdly the growth in terms of salary is very...
  7. Reaper_vivek

    Need to know about good source to buy Games Online...

    Some people may be surprised to see this..I want to play Assassins creed 2(DAMN the Ubisoft's DRM). I want to know about online stores where I can purchase PC games...Do i have to download the games by paying the fee or I get it shipped??? I have a Debit card(Maestro)...Do i need a credit...
  8. victor_rambo

    Why don't you like to pay online?

    Ok, I have observed this very tendency in many people esp from developing countries. Though most people hate to pay as it is(but will end up paying because they need to), some are very opposed to paying for things found on the internet. I would like from those so as why they are reluctatnt to...
  9. gxsaurav

    How much will u pay?

    I was looking at all the software I have in my computer installed including the OS, & I was thinking about the OSS & Close source model. OSS has everything free as in free beer but developers who learn a lot & develop an app deserve to be paid too... Now, every day we use softwares & out of...
  10. G

    the best antivirus

    I have purchased a new laptop and it came with genuine windows vista home basic installed. Also it had the Nortan as the Protecting system, but now the subscription of nortam antivirus has expired. Hence I wish to install a new antivirus without paying anything. Can you please help me in...
  11. reddick

    De-activating MO of AIRTEL

    They have changed their no. First it war 696 n one can just send sms 2 activate n de-activate it.But now this no. is not working...I call cc n they told me to try 51696 n send d request there but that no. is also unavailable :evil: I m@il them but no reply yet n it's been 3 days I'm paying Rs...
  12. M

    Get Paid To post Forums

    Hi For Starting new Forum ie it good idea To pay users for posting ? like goldage.net www.bucksplanet.com Both any many other forums are paying for posts. are they able to make money thru this ? thanks
  13. R

    Any idea how to increase bandwith in sify(ISP)?

    Hello everyone, Is there anyway to bypass sify bandwith limitation?I am using 128kbps,but i want more without paying anything extra.Though I get 16KB/sec. Please share if there is any trick. Thanks in anticipation
  14. iMav

    80 gb hdd

    guys how would i get an 80 gb hdd ... my engg has quoted me 2300 to 2600 (dont remmbr how much) ... but it was eithr 2.3k or 2.6k for a new 1 ... is it ok or im paying more ... +/- of 100 is ok with me
  15. A

    Help Me About Gprs Internet

    I am using a gprs internet with airtel mobile how can i use it without any charge currently i am paying 10 rupees per day please help me reply me at asif1_malkani@yahoo.com
  16. S

    mobile screen not working

    i have sony w 800i which i purchased over an year recently it got drown in soap water no the screen is not working i have shown to sony service station and they say there is no garrunty it will work even after paying them 4000 rs i have aslo shown to local repair shop in nehru...
  17. bkpeerless

    shopping online need sugession ??

    I am going to buy a agp card worth 2700 from ebay.in. is it5 safe to buy items online or there is a chance of cheat. the product will come from maharastra to kolkata I will be paying money by draft. in case i get cheated what can i do.
  18. joshi_ban

    FREE! FREE! FREE! is it really???

    DEAR DIGIT MEMBERS and MODERATORS, The Word Free is normally used every where today. Buy 1 kg Tomato get 1/2 kg onion free. Buy this get that free, and many more. But the main thing is that are we getting them for free???? In this present context, Many service providers here in our city...
  19. go4saket

    Use Trial Softwares forever without paying (Legal Way)

  20. C


    I got an account on rapidshare but how do I extend it without paying tanx chindi chor...
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