1. A

    Indian History Exam Test Papers

    Hi, I have looking for the latest Indian history exam test papers. A couple of hours' research helped me in reaching out to some useful forums such as Indian Study Hub, GK Series, India Bix and SSC Exam guide but I am looking for papers with greater number of MCQs. Your help in this regard...
  2. Revolution

    [Kolkata] Packaging Materials

    Hi, I need to ship many household items. Where to find/buy packaging material ? I think I need few corrugated boxes,bubble wrap,thing rought foam papers,taped etc. Should I try online or local shops ? I'm from Kolkata.
  3. Desmond

    The Panama Papers - The biggest data leak on corruption in history.

    The Panama Papers have been in the news for a while now. Its a major leak containing information on people guilty of tax evasion, possession of illegal assets and black money. Source: Panama Papers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedi References: The Panama Papers · ICI [live] Panama...
  4. H

    Scientists [.] were able to reproduce findings in only 11%of 53 published papers [related to cancer]

    Editorial note : Nature : Nature Publishing Group Botched title due to char limit.
  5. F

    Which book for GATE ?

    I completed my 6th Semester of B.Tech(IT). I want to prepare for GATE 2014. I wanted advise on books that I will need. I have my subject wise books(ie DBMS,DSA,MAths etc) . But I want books like those that we used in 12th for JEE/AIEEE. They have the full syllabus with all things cleared...
  6. sagarsoni

    [URGENT] (IMPORTANT) How to access paid websites like IEEE Xplore for FREE???

    hey frnds i want research papers (thesis) for topic "cache memory" for showing to my sir in my collage from paid websites like i tried to show my sir papers from Google but sir said that i should download them by paying. these websites open for FREE in institutes like NIT...
  7. M

    Sample papers for JEE Main Paper 2 for B.Arch

    I have applied for JEE main paper 1and 2. please link me to some sites which have the previous years aieee b arch papers. i think the pattern for the jee main 2013 paper 2 will be same ?? if not , upload any papers you guys have. please. even one paper will do the work.. i have...
  8. theserpent

    2 puc(12th std)All Papers Leaked

    Today I got a news from my friend that All the PUC(12TH) papers are leaked II PU Maths paper leaked; exam off Cant people do hard work and pass by themselfs?? There exams now mostly will start from 3rd april. Today was the 2nd Paper that got leaked this week.
  9. pkkumarcool

    Need Last year papers

    Hi friends my exams are coming soon so i just want to prepare the important questions that are most commonly asked in recent years.I need last year papers of class 11 PCM cbse cant find anywhere,if u have link just give it here. Also those who are in 12th can help me out which are the most...
  10. Rahim

    Fudged findings: The Increasing Plagiarisation Of Research

    A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics in the USA has revealed that Indian scientists are the worst offenders in faking research. Thirty-four per cent of the research papers out of the 50 withdrawn relate to some kind of fraud, including cribbing of findings, concocting data...
  11. jayavardhanarao

    Need IEEE username and password

    I am an M.Tech student. I am in second year in which i have to do project work so i have to submit my abstract in these 15 days and i also have to publish one international journal. So i want to study some papers in various areas so i need IEEE user name and password if any one have that please...
  12. W

    IIT JEE unsolved question papers

    Can anyone plz send me the link for IIT UNSOLVED question papers
  13. Jaskanwar Singh

    Printer giving out blank papers!!!!!

    i have HP DESKJET F2235 all-in-one. whenever i print something, the printer gives out blank papers:!: the cartridges are full and i even cleaned out their contacts. i restarted the printer, but still the same problem comes. please help.:-(:-(:-(
  14. The Conqueror

    Tips for Boards...

    Hi friends, Class X Board exams are just a few days away and I need some tips n tricks..I heard that CBSE is very lenient in giving it true ? has anyone got more marks than expectations ? I got around 88-92 overall percentage in my pre boards and school exams..How much should I expect...
  15. W

    IIT JEE papers

    Can anyone tell me the link download papers of IIT JEE 2001-2009 as soon as possible ? With Regards Jatin
  16. Crazykiller

    Vidyamandir Classes

    Are the Vidyamandir Classes really good for IIT-JEE preparations??? I am appearing for the Enterance Exam for Vidyamandir on 7th April............ Is the faculty for The Punjabi Bagh (Delhi) Branch good??????? AND Where do i get the sample papers for Vidyamandir Classes??? AND Plz provide some...
  17. Crazykiller

    Sample Papers For Class X

    Can some1 post links to sites where i can donload free sample papers??? I know these 2 sites: - - Are there any other sites providing good quality sample papers for Class X (Mainly Hindi & English) ?? Ihave got lots of papers for Maths & Science Thanx...
  18. comp@ddict

    The BOARD students

    Well as the name suggests, here board students can discuss what books they are preparing from, what all they are doing, and spend some free time to relax here too. And other students can advice on books and websites for good guess and sample papers.
  19. W

    Sample papers of Class X Board 2009

    can anyone please post links of latest sample papers issued by CBSE and CBSE guess of class X within two days jatin
  20. W

    WiCOM 2009 Call for Papers: Sept. 24-26, 2009, Beijing, China

    ======================================================================================================== The 5th Int’l Conference on Wireless Communications, Networking and Mobile Computing (WiCOM 2009) CALL FOR PAPERS...
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