1. X

    New TV Tuner In Kolkata

    I need a TV tuner card within 1.2k ~ 1.5k. Its for my home use. So guyz can u both suggest me which is good. My head is just drifting around whether to go for internal or extenal. Plz help me outta this prblm.
  2. S

    Android phone buying advice

    1. Budget? less then 25K 7. Preferred operating system? (Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone etc). strictly android 10. Primary use of handset (multimedia, camera, mails, internet, gaming etc)? hd gaming, camera, multimedia 11. Any specific mobile phones in consideration? few : GOOGLE...
  3. N

    Something cool for 800 bucks :D

    I have 810 spare bucks so i wanna buy something techy . Please suggest something . I know its not a lot but still any useful thing that can be bought outta this . Thanks
  4. C

    Need LCD HD (Led backlight)

    Well mah current monitor has gone bad !! Need a new 22" monitor under 10 K with HDMI which 1 should i go 4 ??? Dell 2220L and samsung is outta stock !!!! howz BenQ v2200 eco ? any sugesstions ????
  5. johnjjx

    FS: 200gb Seagate Sata2

    Seagate ST3200820AS Update : SOLD location : Baroda, Gujarat. Update : An unused Maxtor 120GB IDE drive available. Outta warranty however the built is excellent. 1.2k shipped.
  6. K


    HI guys listen can anyone tell me how i can find out the configuration of my computer including what graphics card i have what processor and what motherboard? i kow it sounds a bit outta place in this website as what im asking sounds like quite a stupid question but please stop sniggering and...
  7. M

    ...any major diff bw Kingston, Hynix and Transcend?

    .. or maybe something which is more reliable? Heard ram's too can be overclocked.. so outta which can the maximum performance be extracted (once i learn how to overclock them i.e.!)?
  8. hack expert

    SMS query

    the normal SMS we send from our cellphones can it be read by the service providers . i kno they keep record of the time and day it was sent but can they also see the content . this is just outta curiosity .meanin just wanted to know
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