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  1. V

    Query about APC UPS BR-600Ci-IN

    Hi mates, I have a APC BR600-CI IN UPS purchased about 1.5 years ago, suddenly UPS doesnt give backup at all, I tried to charge the battery for 10 Hrs (by keeping the UPS in OFF mode, only Main Power is outlet ON) but still no result. So I contacted APC tech support and the guy told me that we...
  2. Renny

    Worms found in fried chicken at KFC!

    Kerala: Worms found in fried chicken at KFC outlet in Thiruvananthapuram - IBN South News - IBNLive http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WTDIo6k_i7I Thiruvananthapuram: Fast food chain Kentucky's Fried Chicken (KFC) has come under scrutiny in Kerala after a family...
  3. freshseasons

    Starbucks to open first outlet in Mumbai by October

    For a coffee connoisseur it doesn't get better than this. Starbucks finally shows the date after umpteen speculations all these years. Wow all these years sipping that hot cuppa abroad how i missed starbucks in India. Except for the one thing.I hope they source Arabica beans from abroad rather...
  4. C


    hi om new here my aunt gifted me a NIKON COOLPIX S220 from US but i am skeptical about the battery charger ...cuz the us connections are all 110 volts and here its 220 ...should i buy a charger from a local nikon outlet or can i use the one which came in the box ....please help me :sad: thank you
  5. mail2and

    India may get its first Apple Store

    Source: The Financial Express Good stuff. :) I'm impressed with the Rs 777 phone that the Anil-led Reliance bought out recently. Now it's time for Mukesh to please us. :)
  6. blademast3r

    IPOD shuffle 512 mb

    Hi guys whats the cost of an IPOD shuffle 512 mb probably at an official apple outlet
  7. J

    how to connect 20 pin SMPS power outlet to a 24 pin M Board

    Somebody please let me know how to connect 20 pin SMPS power outlet to a 24 pin M Board like A8N-E. Will there be any problem? Local assemblers say they have been doing it with A8 N-E boards and so far there has not been any problem. Also they say the 20 pin will go only the right way into the...
  8. D

    coputer restarting

    My computer restarts automaticaly. i have checked my power outlet and repluged all power cables. pls help me
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