1. J

    Best Build Quality IEM/Earphone under Rs 1000

    I want Best Earphone under Rs 1000. My main priority is build quality. So please suggest. If earphones has mic then its great , its optional though. Please suggest ASAP
  2. tkin

    Best Youtube Downloaders - 2015

    Hey Guys, lets make a list of the best youtube downloaders. Free software is appreciated. Features that make sense: 1. Playlist download. 2. Dash download(i.e able to download video and audio separately and combine them) -> DASH...
  3. E

    What does Dual SIM Standby and Optional Dual SIM mean?

    Please see the photo. May I know what Dual SIM standby mean? I don't have a dual SIM phone, nor have any plan to get one either, just asking this for a friend of mine. He is wanting to know whether both the SIM cards will be active and able receive phone calls or not. Cause on older days...
  4. deepak_ds

    want decent headphones for all round purpose

    i want a pair of headphones which serve me at any ocassion. a mic is optional but not a necessity. will not matter if it's there. range - within 2k.
  5. A

    need help..!!

    best tablet within a range of 5000rs. what i wud like to have in d tablet should be is :- capacitive touch screen wifi atleast android 4.0 minimum ram 512mb ddr3 3g connectivity camera of 2.0 mp will do.. 3d support..(optional) gd battery.. if u have ur own sugguestions within d...
  6. A

    Budget Monitor ~5-6K

    Hi Seems like my old (7 years old :p ) LG monitor is dying . Its time for a replacement. I was just checking flipkart and got confused regarding best budget monitor in the range of 5-6K(Strict Budget). Many brands/and models available. My wishes : 1) 19-20+ inch 2) Low power...
  7. A

    Asus - k53e - bbr7

    Hello. I was looking for a sub-25K laptop and came across an 'offer' of the following laptop for Rs. 24500. Name: ASUS - K53E - BBR7 (as mentioned by the seller) I looked for the specifications on Asus' India website. But that site just shows a model called 'ASUS K53E'. There's no mention of...
  8. S

    Cell Phone suggestion under 17K.

    Hi their everone.... I am planning of purchasing a mobile phone under 17K in next couple of days and I need some suggestions regarding the same. I was thinking of grabbing a Omnia W but the fact is that it has a couple of limitations (Just 8Gb of storage, no file manager, etc ,etc)...
  9. prankie

    Urgent: Need to buy Wifi Router and UPS!

    Hi, I need a Wifi router for my 3BHK Flat. Primary Need: --> It should be cheap (Read, less than 1.5k) -->Signal strength should be good across all 3 rooms and living area If it supports 802.11 n then its even better, but this requirement is optional. Also I need a UPS within 2k which...
  10. ganeshnokiae63

    Headset for nokia e63

    Guys, Suggest me some good sound headsets for my Nokia e63 ranged from rs 500 to 700.i am tired of searching.. since i am in Chennai, anyone may tell the name of the good shops in here to buy headsets!!@! it was optional one:cry:
  11. arko1983

    ups +air cooler suggestion

    i dont need much backup in hrs but ups should hold for atleast 15 mins. Here are my specs:- core i7 920,(will overclock ) gigabyte ex 58 extreme corsair 1000hx, corsair 3x 2gb dominator xfx gtx 9800 gtx+(will buy msi gtx 580 twin frozr ii next week may do a sli later so a little future...
  12. S

    Need a surfing phone

    Budget : 3.5-4k Brands prefered : Samsung mainly(others are also ok) Use : Mainly for internet surfing other than standard calling n all Other connectivity required : Bluetooth Camera is optional This is 4 my friend I recomended Samsung chat322, Micromax Q7 etc.. And need ur...
  13. B

    SE phone within 5 k???

    :?:Previously I had a SE phone, W 700i; I was extremely satisfied with this phone, as it had given me 2 years of fantastic service. Now as my secondary LG mobile has gone kaput, I need to purchase an inexpensive yet sturdy phone. It must have FM radio/ memory card/ camera optional/ good sound...
  14. angie

    Touchscreen mobile under 14k....??

    Please suggest company:any camera: 5 MP+ wifi: yes touchscreen: capacitive 3G: optional dual sim: will prefer it but not necessary please help....
  15. krishnandu.sarkar

    Mobile within 3.5k

    Hey friends, It's time to change my 5yrs old Nokia 1110. So suggest me a mobile within 3.5k (I can stretch it a bit if I get sumthing really for the extra bucks / VFM). Well....The features I'm looking at are : 1. GPRS (I need it most. I want to be always on). I'll love to use Opera...
  16. happy20b

    Suggest a HD monitor below 7k 19"-20"

    Dear all, Please suggest a HD monitor (HDMI port optional) around <= 7k .. and 19" or 20"
  17. dreams

    Digitian's real names..

    Hi all digitians, We all know each other by their display name, but some know some others real name. Let us use this thread for yelling out each and every members real name. Please be honest!!! Let me start it, Real name - Chandru Location - Chennai (Optional) Work Location - Gurgaon...
  18. hahahari

    Suggest a Phone For 8K

    Suggest a Phone For 8K | Cam And Style Is Deciding Factor Well, one of my friends need a mobile for 8K (Not very extendible) Requirements The Most Important is CAM Style (Slim Prefered, slide or Flip is Ok too) Reliablity and life Battery life MP3 Good Smartphone like...
  19. keith_j_snyder2

    PSP slim & lite

    Hey guys, I already own a PSP Phat. Now i want to buy another PSP for my friend so that we can play multiplayer games. The few requirements are: 1. It should be SLIM & LITE version. 2. Original box & Charger should be available. 3. Memory Stick (optional) (preferably original). 4. CFW...
  20. S

    Suggest a basic phone within 3.5k

    *Good batt back up *Simple interface *Good phone memory *Good signal reception *Good voice clarity Camera,GPRS n FM radio r optional Plz provide the price n specifications too.
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