1. B

    MBA in "finance" or "Logistics and supply chain management" ?

    Hey guys, I am in the last semester of B.B.A. I have to apply for admission in MBA course now but i am confused what specialisation should i choose. I like logistics and supply chain management but everyone i talked to, says there are very less job opportunities with it and engineering degree...
  2. donnawhite

    Robotics Engineering - Career Opportunities

    Robots have made the human's life easy and used in almost every area therefore here is endless opportunities and have bright career ......... read more about career opportunities in Robotics engineering on this link
  3. J

    Job Opportunities for SEO??

    Current Scenario is going towards online marketing,so is there any good job opportunities for SEO people available in India....It's urgently needed.
  4. gowtham

    Happy new Year 2008!!

    Wish u a happy new year one!! may the new year bring new hope and open up avenues of opportunities for u!! With best compliments from - Gowtham
  5. K

    Help me for choosing career

    Friends, I have just completed Diploma in I.T.,Now i want to do job in Computer security field.Can u tell me that how much market value is there for this computer security field?What i have to do to become security professional?How r the job opportunities for this field?
  6. RCuber

    Opera Plans India Office

    source Gopi Charan :D :D :D Opera RULZ
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