1. C

    sd card error

    What's wrong with my sd card? Everytime i store data on and then happen to remove it from the phone and later have it back on, all the files can't be opened,. It either says "file does not exist" or "there was an error opening this file" Is there a setting that i need to adjust?
  2. A website not opening on lumia 535 and laptop

    Website mentioned in subject is not opening in my lumia 535 as well as my laptop.its giving error as 500 internal server error sap netweaver application server 7.00/java as 7.00. Pleasee help how to open this site on both mobile and laptop. it opens for login page ,i enter my credentials then...
  3. beingGamer

    Opening Cyber cafe [Suggestions/tips]

    Hey guys, I was having a thought of opening a cyber cafe in near/far(:p) future Location would be at my native place. Maybe around 8-10 machines for basic internet surfing & gaming. This is just a thought for now, so, for now I would just like to get info from anyone related to this business...
  4. V

    Balance is reducing while the mobile data pack is off.

    Hi, Recently I have bought a Xiaomi Redmi 2, using since more than 4 days. As I don't have data pack but it still reducing my balance like 0.40 INR while opening Google voice or sometimes opening of camera. Why this is happening don't know? Can you please tell me the solution or how to...
  5. aal-ok

    Chrome problem

    I have win 7 installed on my laptop, whenever I switch it on and open chrome, It does not work :-x it opens but when i try opening google or fb or anything nothing happens, even the settings bookmarks or history tabs are not opening. so I have to log off and on and try to open chrome as quick...
  6. P

    Internet problem in Xiaomi Redmi 2

    I got my Redmi 2 yesterday. My Redmi 2 is working fine and i am satisfied so far. But I am facing a problem with my Redmi 2. Some pages/sites in my browser is not opening and showing "request timed out" msg. Can anyone help in this regard as to why is this happening. I have used three...
  7. A

    google sites not connecting

    hello guys i was not sure where to post this but here isw the weird problem i am facing i use bsnl bradband modem with 950 unlimited plan, recently (may be one or two days) i am not able to open any google related pages such as or gmail is opening but partially with...
  8. sahil1033

    RAM showing 2.57 GB instead of 4 GB

    I own Lenovo E49 with Windows 8.1 and 4 GB RAM but in My Computer it shows only 2.57 GB and even my system is running slow. Opening more than 5 tabs in Google Chrome even slows down the system. Help.
  9. A

    [Complaint] Corsair RMA

    I had recently RMAed my Corsair CX500v2 which blew up under mysterious circumstances after only 6 months of purchase. The RMA people ( Kaizen ) accepted the part and said they will be sending a replacement in 4-5 days. I waited.. and waited.. and got the Corsair CX500v3 after around 15 days...
  10. B

    camera's photos are black

    guys i need some help i have a kodak easyshare c140 its aperture is not opening so the photos are coming totally black plz help
  11. shreeux

    Web Page not opening after playing videos in Youtube sites?

    when ever play videos in youtube web page not opening any sites also browsing speed reduced....please suggest not only me my friends also same problem.... 22 hours ago - 3 days left to answer. After restart the system only problem rectified....
  12. ghantaukay

    JAR file not opening in Windows 7

    I have windows 7 OS. I have installed JRE 1.6 and when I try to open a jar. file I just get a list of other files common , javaapplication, jxl and META-INF. When I click on them I just get a whole list of CLASS files and other files. The .jar file is supposed to open a FORM for Prof Tax...
  13. M

    only one website not opening

    I have i3 core 2 due Lenovo LCD cum CPU desktop. I have licensed version of windows 7 fully updated. I am unable to view "" website only. every other website gets open in my IE 10/ Mozilla/crome browsers. only is not opening through ANY browser. please...
  14. rajwansh2003

    Samsung Galaxy S4 got First Update!!!

    Samsung Galaxy S4 got First Update, still have little bugs, some time mobile restart while opening the Camera :( . But Ultimate Mobile.
  15. A

    Facebook not opening

    hey guyz.. facebook is not opening on my laptop. i have tried opening it on all the browsers on my laptop but it give error saying "could not connect to facebook". All the other sites are working properly. i have tried opening facebook on other computer but its giving me the same error here...
  16. V

    BSNL selfcare website not opening

    BSNL Selfcare website is not opening for me for the past 15-20 days. Whenever I check with Down For Everyone Or Just Me, it says the website is up. I have tried changing my DNS to Google DNS, Open DNS but in vain. I have tried opening it in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, but still its not...
  17. A

    Tomb raider trilogy music

    Does anybody know if the tomb raider trilogy music is available in any store? I purchased the ps3 game tomb raider trilogy. The opening music is really good. Is it available in any store? I'm looking for the opening theme music. The other option'd be to record it directly from the TV, but this...
  18. axes2t2

    Imgur not opening on mtnl.

    Can anyone confirm this or is it just me ?
  19. samudragupta

    are torrent sites opening??

    hi friends, strangely today none of the torrent sites are opening on my mtnl connection... is there anything wrong... i dont get any blocked message but the page just keeps loading!!! i tried proxy and still the same!!! the same proxies worked when torrents were legally blocked its working fine...
  20. J

    Need new cabinet ~2.5k

    My current cabinet(A crap frontech xeon) is resulting in overheating of my components. I am planning on buying the bitfenix merc alpha. Now the thing is I have an amd 785g based board from msi(MSI 785G-E53) and the cpu socket is a bit to the right. Is the back panel opening of the merc alpha...
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