1. A

    Confused Between Iphone 5C or 5S

    Friends I am confused Betwn Iphone 5c 16gb and Iphone 5s..Please suggest which one is better..!!!:oops:
  2. Z

    Nokia android tablet

    Is it worth buying....:oops:
  3. 7shivam1

    Somebody Explain this pic !

  4. savvy

    Best Pocketable P&S Camera Around Rs. 12000

    What's your budget? Around Rs. 12000 Camera type? Point & Shoot Body Style? Compact zoom, Travel megazoom (Should be pocketable. I previously owned a bridge camera and now want to keep away from the hassles of carrying it) :oops: How much zoom do you want/expect? Atleast 10x; the...
  5. ramakanta

    Lock The Internet

    Is there any procedure to Lock the internet . Please help me .. :oops:
  6. sam.dg

    [Want to Buy] HDMI - VGA Adapter

    Where to get one? Preferably in Kolkata! No ebay links please! :oops:
  7. theserpent

    Need software to fuse two songs!

    Hey guys i need a software that can fuse two songs. Movies maker could do that but windows 7 doesn't have it :oops:
  8. theserpent

    Can't download any torrent

    Well im sorry for making this thread mods.:( discussing about torrents is not allowed here but i had no other choice.I am not able to download any torrent :(.Not even magnetic links work :(. Any one can help me out please :oops: Well when i click magnet link.It opens in the client but shows "0...
  9. ramakanta

    Online LIVE TV !!

    Is there any website, where I can see the LIVE TV of Indian Channels and foreign channels. If available please help me. Thank you. :reading: :oops:
  10. power_8383

    External Hard Disk - Like an Oasis in the Desert

    Hello guys, I have ordered Toshiba 1TB external hard disk from Futurebazaar for just Rs. 4,049 :) Oops, they have increased the price now. :P http://www.futurebazaar.com/toshiba-canvio-25-inch-1-tb-basics-portable-hard-disk-drive/pd/62085
  11. G

    OOPS Interface use?

    Hi i am really confused about application of interface in object oriented programming.I have some code in C# which i am working on and there are instances where the original coder uses interface and i am not able to grasp why? I understand abstract class as it is used to implement something...
  12. Renny

    BE Seminar ideas.

    I'm in my final semester engineering (E&C), I have chosen AMD's fusion architecture as my seminar topic, What do you guys think :oops: ? Any suggestions?
  13. B

    C Programming help...

    hey guyz!!! i have to write a c program in which a password is set initially by us and the user will have 3 chances to enter the password if the user enters correct password output will be "You Have logged in correctly" and if he entered wrong password output will be "Wrong password try...
  14. R

    Query regarding HD6870

    Hi Guys, I am planning to get HD6870 for my system but confused between the sapphire HD6870 and HIS IceQ X H6870 :? I am getting both for the same price. Can you please help me choosing as I dont have much idea about the warranty support by HIS here in India. :oops:
  15. lastdefenda

    preserving an old pc

    I got a P4 cpu and 865 mobo , can any one tell me how to preserve my parts off power . :oops:
  16. F

    New cracks any website?

    I'll never talk about piracy on ThinkDigit forums because now I know that I might get banned. :oops:
  17. royal

    Z2300 and MX5021

    Friends, this has been discussed in great detail many times before so I am not going for a comparison between the two :oops: Please let me know where can I get either of these in Kolkata and at what price
  18. royal

    Suggest a basic laptop @30K

    One of my friends need to buy a laptop...it will be used primarily for watching movies, listening to music, net surfing etc...no video editing/gaming :oops: His budget is strictly 30K...please suggest possibilities in both Intel and AMD :razz:
  19. abhijit_reddevil

    Indian gamers can finally get Alienware

    http://www.thinkdigit.com/Laptops-PCs/Hands-On-Preview-Indian-gamers-can-finally-get_3277.html Base model starting at Rs. 139000!!!:shock::shock::shock: ----------------------------------------- Posted again: ----------------------------------------- Oops! Sorry! Please continue...
  20. amitabhishek

    Finally this forum is out of comatose!!!!

    Phew!!! I almost had withdrawal symptoms...that was a long downtime...:oops:
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