1. krishnandu.sarkar

    SmartNamo Phones Finally Up for Pre-order

    SmartNamo phones finally launched. Smartnamo Saffron 1 and 2 are up for preorder. Saffron 1 comes in black/white and 16/32GB. 16GB = 18000/-INR 32GB = 23000/- INR Saffron 2 has one variant check specs below. Price = 24000 INR Whats in the box ??? 1 Smartphone 6.5 inch HD 1 Leather Cover 2...
  2. M

    Need Suggestion$ for DSLR

    I'm looking to buy a DSLR. What's your budget? 55k-70k Camera type? DSLR Body Style? Doesn't Matter! How much zoom do you want/expect? Maybe 105 or 135mm Do you care for manual exposure controls? Yeah What will you be shooting with this camera? Mostly Images.. rarely...
  3. Nanducob

    Need Wifi Modem

    Dear TDF'ers, I need a basic wifi modem for my best buddy,Shebin 'Bombay':D.He will be using it for Bsnl 750 UL plan.His budget is around 2k;).Also if you are using a wifi modem and you feel thats its vfm,then suggest it please.He will be buying from Flipkart or other reliable online sites,so...
  4. D

    Headphone for PC around 600-700

    Usage: Will usage it for gaming and occasionally for movies and music. Should be durable and at least should last for 1 year. Will buy it online on fk or from nehru palace locally. Budget - 600-700 INR
  5. F

    Which RAM should I buy to add more to the ones I already have?

    Here is a link to the info about my current RAM, Motherboard and CPU. HWiNFO64 Version 4.20-1960 Central Processor(s) ----------------------------- - My main question is what should I be looking for while buying additional RAM so that its compatible with the one I already have...
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