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  1. mobilegeek

    CCNA/MCSE Coaching center in Delhi?

    Hey Some of you must have done these courses Can you please tell which are the good institute for doing CCNA, MCSE, and other certifications? Which are the good institute in North Delhi! Which institutes are recognized as exam centers. plz suggest
  2. Cyrus_the_virus

    Two Koreas Join Forces to Develop Linux

    South and North Korea team up to develop a version of ‘Hana Linux (tentatively named)’ and set standards. Reunification IT Forum (South), Chosun People’s Science Technology Association (North) and Chinese Information Society co-hosted ICMIP 2007 in Yenji, China on November 27 to 28. At the...
  3. champ_rock

    Anbody Has fedora core 7 in North Delhi

    hi does anyone has fedora core 7 on a DVD?? i live in north campus and would be grateful if u could tell me where u live so that i can pick a copy from u. i can give u media charges for a blank DVD. let me know if anyone can help me out thanks a lot
  4. Aberforth

    Armed Forces and North East India - An Insult to Democracy?

    Not beating much around the bush, I decided to check the clauses of the Armed forces special act due to repeated requests from my North Eastern friends to enlighten myself in this subject. I came across Section 4 of AFSPA and it quite disturbed me - Any commissioned officer, warrant officer...
  5. fnatic@play

    NEW ut2007 vid...

    http://www.gametrailers.com/player.php?id=9577&type=mov enjoy.... man i am looking forward to this one!! src : Unreal North. http://www.unrealnorth.com
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