1. R

    email service

    There are many email service providers in the market, but I want to know someone who can take care of everything for newbies, from installation to technical support etc.Are there any service providers of that sort?
  2. rhitwick

    Bumping old threads: wats ur view??

    Ok guyz........ I've seen a lot of times some people bump in a old thread and we all jump on LOLs........etc.... But most of the time I've noticed that the bumpers are newbies........that sums up for me.... 1> People actually read old threads 2> People are reading rules:D 3>...
  3. victor_rambo

    Please treat the newbies properly

    Hello guyz, I have been observing that there have been increasing incidents of some newbies have been mistreated by some older members. To anybody who felt that thread is noobish, please consider that the thread starter may be an shy or introvert guy, or may not have friends who can give him a...
  4. T

    Microsoft new tutorial site for new programmers

    Good news from MS Start Learning Newbies (nOObs). Here is the link :- More Information :-
  5. G

    update ur knowledge about processors..

    this is a beautiful article i found at pcworld.. wont be of that much help to the techies.. but would help a lot of newbies brush up on their knowledge about cpu's.. here
  6. R

    Linux installation help needed.........for Newbies

    My current Cofig is AMD 2800+ 64 bit processor I Gb Ram 120 GB HDD Neo KV8M motherboard Os: windows Xp Media Center Ediion My prob is , i want to install Linux on my sys but also want Windows as my dual boot option My questions are:- Which is the Best Linux for newbies? From...
  7. nach p

    Which LINUX should I use ?

    Hey ,doodz I am using Xp sp2 .I want to install Linux as 2nd OS on hard disk. I want to know that which Linux should be appropriate (Installation as well as learning point of view )for me as NEWBIES ,so that I will download it. Please ,Help me guys. Thank U in advance
  8. B


    I thought that this thread might help newbies in Photoshop, c++,Java, Flash etc. who need to refer to books or ebooks for perfecting the above...if ebooks are illegal plz dont post the links... For a start: Java - The Complete Reference by Herbert Schildt p.s. i myself need sumthing 4 flash
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