1. N

    My First Buy

    Hi guys i've ordered a Radeon HD4870 512mb GDDR5 graphics card from and the seller told me that i'll be needing a 2 molex to 6 pin PCI-e connector as it doesn't comes inside the box. I have a standard 450W Zebronics power supply and i know i'll surely be needing that connector cable? The...
  2. A

    What to do with this guy?

    Well, I just wanted to know the knowledge of self proclaimed geeks on Facebook and just posted a question about me needing a configuration. See how the conversation went.
  3. G

    Little help with the SB i7 Config :)

    Well I am finally upgrading from my i5 to Sandy Bridge i7 along with a heavier GPU. I planned to buy i7-2600 / 3.4 GHz along with ATI HD 6950. Now what board will I be needing ? Regarding the board, I want a non VGA one :) Something like Intel DP55WB that I used for my i5. But something...
  4. victor_rambo

    I am now on Ubuntu :)

    Hi guyz, I am now on Ubuntu. Thanks to Cool_G5 and Mehul Ved who helped me via Y! messenger! Btw my first hour on Linux has been great, not as hindered as I thought! btw I will be making copies of Ubuntu CD and Fedora DVD that Cool G5 has given me. I stay in Thane. So anybody needing can...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Windows XP Install Woes

    I have windows XP professional SP2, and I am facing lots of issues installing it. I am used to the one click install offered by linux, but now, since I am installing XP for my family, I am getting pissed off by the rather unwilling to work OS. I need to install 10 essencial softwares, all of...
  6. The Conqueror

    Combining many installation in 1 ??

    I want to know how to combine many product installations into 1 for eg. Autopatcher XP which automatically installed about 120-130 updates one by one without us needing to run each and every application. can this be done with installshield ?
  7. P

    Increasing c drive size without formating

    Hey can any 1 help me in incresing my c drive without needing to reformat it or loosing data on it.
  8. DD3030

    Do you need a Floppy Drive?

    Hi all :p I am planning to assemble a new PC - will install latest XP. Do I need a floppy drive during installation of XP or other softwares or for any other reason? I won't be needing for daily use later as I will have DVD writer and pen drive.
  9. A

    Want Windows XP Product Keys???

    For all those dying to ve their pirated copy of Win xp to sp1 or sp2 must be needing some product keys and way to change your OS's product key. Ask me how. :D
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