1. pra_2006

    TP Link Nano Wifi TL-WN725N 'Can't connect to this network'

    hi i recently bought this nano wifi to connect internet from my wifi router and it was working fine but since yesterday its just not connecting to my wifi and says cannot connect but its connecting to other devices like my mobile when i open hotspot and i reinstalled the driver but the same...
  2. jackal_79

    Suggestions For A Power Bank

    Hi, I have recently bought a LG G2 Mobile and now i am looking for a good power bank for charging it as i travel a lot. I have previously not thought a bout buying one so not familiar with what to look for. Here are my requirements: 1) Should be able to charge at least 2 devices ( One being my...
  3. D

    Wireless element mouse problem

    i have Amkette elment wireless mouse, whenever i Start or restart my pc, it need to replug nano reciever for make it working. but it working on other pc`s perfectly . . . and my motherboard is ASUS M5A78L/USB3, i plug nano reciever on usb2 port Sorry for bad english :P
  4. M

    RAM issue

    Hello People! I have faced a weird issue with My RAM. It is aCrosair DDR3 2GB RAM. The issue I'm facing is whenever I'm using it on My Foxconn Nano PC, there is no display on the screen, either by VGA or HDMI. The VGA screen displays as 'No Signal Found', and the HDMI screen just remains black...
  5. F

    ipod nano 5th gen not working

    My friend gave his brand new ipod nano 5th gen. It was not at all working when it was not connected. Tried Everything from the manual but it was not working. So I connected it to my Laptop and it now it powers on, the battery is full, everything works fine(music,camera,videos etc). But as soon...
  6. dhawald

    Booked Tata Nano special edition after much research.

    Hi guys, I have booked Tata Nano special edition after doing much research on the car. was to be used mainly in city driving and some occasional highway use. Great space, Great mileage, great AC and very comfortable. will post pictures when I get the delivery.
  7. N

    Nano Technology In Computer

    Use of Nano technology is increasing day by day. How it is used in Computer Technology ? Can anybody reply for this ? please share your knowledge. because in the past few years back when computer was launched it had big CPU. now micro-tablet pc are available in the market these are some example...
  8. P

    devworx Idol Contest

    Digit brings you a chance to prove your expertise in developerWorks Platform. Take devworx Idol Contest by completing following steps and win exciting prizes like HTC One V, Apple iPod Nano, Philips GoGear MP3 player, 16GB Pen Drive, USB Mouse, Digit branded T-Shirts and many more.
  9. webgenius

    iPod Nano 6th generation alternative

    Hello All, I need a portable music player. I currently own a iPod Classic 160 GB. It is very bulky and hard to carry on international travel. I need to replace it with another player. I have shortlisted Ipod Nano 6th generation (Nano features). Is there any other superior alternative to...
  10. ajayritik

    Should I buy iPod Nano 6th Generation?

    I was planning to buy a portable music player for sometime. I was considering iPod Nano. Can someone please help me decide this. Also one more feature I think which will be useful is pedometer. Is this feature available with the regular iPod Nano or do I have to invest more. The size etc...
  11. P

    iPod Nano Classic (3rd Gen) gone kaput....What to do?

    hi guys, I have an ipod nano classic 3rd gen and disconnected it without ejecting....i have tries the solutions after googling and to no avail..... any suggestions? thanx in advance.
  12. Y

    Need Ipod nano video converTo shrink my files to small)ter (

    I have Ipod nano 5th generation. I want a best converter for my video files. When i am using Ojosoft and videro ipod converters, the file size is very heavier than original files (700mb to 1.2 GB) I want to shrink my videos that compatible in my ipod nano plz friends suggest me a good...
  13. Psychosocial

    Suggest me headphones under 3k

    The title says it. I want headphones under 3k, any brand. Want it purely for music (metal, rock, classical and blues). Will use it with my Nano for a few months before I get a iTouch.
  14. F

    Apple announced new iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle

    Apple yesterday announced new iPod Touch 4th generation, iPod Shuffle and iPod nano 6th generation in San Fransisco. The new iPod Touch 4th generation has 1GHZ A4 processor, retina display and two cameras, iOS version 4.1 and a thin design. iPod Touch 4th generation is available in 8GB, 32GB and...
  15. M

    help me buy earphones for my nano under 1000 rs.

    i just got ipod nano 5th gen nd m thinking of improving my musical experience so i need sum gud earphones(not headphones).... i listen to all kinda music frm kesha, lady gaga to avenged sevenfold, disturbed.... pls help me out guyz..
  16. M

    best quality earphones to go with my nano 5th gen around 1000rs

    i just got a nano and the bundled cans sure suk.. so i m thinking of buying some new ones.. i listen to all kinda stuff from kesha to bullet for my valentine so i need some good balanced earbuds which cud handle my library with kinda wow! factor.. i currently have used philips shh4520 and...
  17. Ray

    Best sounding PMP

    What is the best PMP out there in terms of audio quality?I heard of JetEfffects BBE of Cowon players.How is it?Is there any other player with such feature?how does it compare to ipod nano? Thanks in advance edit: Budget less than 15k but can stretch it if reqd.
  18. S

    iPod Nano Album View

    I have an iPod Nano 5G. my problem is when i see the album view,each album entry has only one song from that album. so i end up seeing 7 album entries for 7 songs instead of all 7 songs inside the album. What is the way out of this?
  19. S

    @iPod Nano 5G

    Is the iPod Nano 5th generation available in India?? Pls let me kno the price if anyone is aware about it..
  20. U

    Purchased a New IPOD NANO (8 GB). Here is a TECH Review

    I recently purchased an IPOD NANO (8 GB) from an Apple Store in Chicago. The colour of the gadget is Fiery Red and it looks so stunning. The gadget is a compact music & video player with outstanding music output which is brilliant. The video output is also top notch. Some of the key usage...
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