1. Nerevarine

    Need to convert Microsoft SQL Server Database to MySQL database

    Is there any way I can convert a MS SQL Database running on SQL Server 2008 to a MySQL Database directly. I have the mdf and ldf snaps of the MS SQL database but it is not importable in the MySQL PhpMyAdmin Panel.. Is there anyway to convert this into MySQL Scripts in .sql format
  2. gdebojyoti

    Displaying last 'N' posts by friends & me | PHP-MySQL

    Hello. I want to display the latest 'N' posts made by my friends and me in my home page. Now there are 2 tables in the database related to this. One of them is "friends" (list of members who are my friends can be obtained from this table). The other is "updates" (all the status updates are...
  3. buddyram

    New Linux Server Setup for PHP/JAVA/MySQL

    All our files from the current server has to be ported to the new linux server. And now prior to that the server has to be setup along with PHP, Java, Apache & MySQL installations. Can i get some guidance on this setup as this is our first experience. thanks in advance
  4. A

    MySQL script for posting values from a field to a DB

    I couldn't find any specific section related to web development so I am posting it here,hoping to get answers :-? Code of my contact form is ~ I want the code for database.php,or whatever,I need a tutorial page or the code file by which I could modify to make it work with this form,I need...
  5. utkarsh73

    Problem in MySQL 5.5

    I just started learning very basic SQL queries yesterday and installed MySQL 5.5 client on my PC. While installing, the software asked for a root password. Everything was fine yesterday and I made a few databases and tables. But today when I started the command-line client and entered my...
  6. aaruni

    Merging MySQL databases

    Can I merge two MySQL databases, with similar structures but different, and some overlapping data? If so, can anybody give detailed steps? I am a n00b...
  7. Neo

    MySQL server troubleshooting.

    So I had installed LAMP on my Mint 13 yesterday. The MySQL server was working fine after the install. But now I am not able to start it again. To start it, i gave this command: The Output was: Any help?
  8. H

    about connecting php and mysql

    can you please help me with connecting mysql with php?the code i used is <?php # Define MySQL Settings define("MYSQL_HOST", "localhost"); define("MYSQL_USER", "root"); define("MYSQL_PASS", "hello"); define("MYSQL_DB", "test"); $conn = mysql_connect("".MYSQL_HOST.""...
  9. P

    XAMPP installation not working properly

    Recently I have installed XAMPP version 1.7.4 on my PC. When I try to open the "localhost" on Mozilla Firefox 3 it doesn't open even after waiting for long time. Neither does "phpmyadmin". I am able to open the localhost and phpmyadmin on other browsers--IE 7and Opera 10.62. But even on these...
  10. buddyram

    How is the scope of PHP with MySQL!

    hi friends, I am planning to take up the above said course (PHP MySQL) upon my friend's advise. Please do affirm me, can i foresee any strong future/career in this field. I don't know anything more about it. Tips, Advise, Feedback & suggestions, all are welcome!
  11. I

    anyone facing problem with Quick Reply and MySQL error?

    Is anyone facing problem with Quick Reply and MySQL error? Quick Reply is reloading the page for me.

    need help with mysql

    i hav been tryin to place a password for my mysql database,bt i awlways gets this error ERROR 1064 (42000): You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'use mysql the code is: mysql> use mysql...
  13. redhat

    SQL databse query.

    Hi friends, I would like to create a program with a MySQL DB at the back-end. Firstly can I do this and how? I know I can use MSSQL with VS2010 on the front-end but I couldn't understand how to use MySQL as the back-end. Secondly, I want to know how I can deploy this standalone program to the...
  14. C

    Summation of Columns in SQL

    Suppose I have 3 columns of 3 different subjects say History, Maths and Science. Now I want to add the total of their values to another column say Total. Is it possible in MySQL? Is there any function for doing this. Also MySQL should automatically update the values when its data is stored in 3...
  15. walkmanguru

    Best book to learn PHP And MySQL?

    Which is the Best book to learn PHP And MySQL from scratch... (object-oriented)
  16. B

    OpenSource attendance tracking program

    Hi Guys, Need a help on the project. I want to create one database of employees' office time attendance. When every employee comes in he/she just go to the website and use his/her id, password and just select in or out option then click submit button. I can use mysql for database and for server...
  17. nix

    regarding ubuntu..

    how to i convert this: mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql into a link that i can paste into a browser and download the same software? reason: i need to download MYSQL for a ubuntu box not connected to the internet. I plan to download it from a windows box and then install...
  18. T

    Project ideas in PHP MYSQL...

    Hello friends, I am learning php mysql and need to do a project with that language. I need to submit it as my doeacc a level project. But the problem is i am not getting any suitable ideas for it. Ihave searched the net but couldnt get any good ideas. Maybe I am not searching it properly. Can...
  19. bukaida

    a variable number of inputs using JAVASCRIPT for PHP to insert MYSQL

    First let me start out by saying I am a beginner so I apologize in advance if what I ask is too fundamental. I am accessing a MYSQL database through a web browser and I am entering data into data tables using PHP. The problem I am facing is that the number of input rows on the web...
  20. J

    how to create a new user and password in mysql?

    :sad:how to create a new user and password in mysql? Hi iam now studying php and sql using abook.before creating and connecting to databse books tell me to create a new user "bp5am" and password "bp5ampass" host= "localhost".Please help how to create it what command is used for that from...
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