1. R

    65 MPs write to Barack Obama: Don't give visa to Narendra Modi.

    Are these MPs voicing the view of their voters/people of their constituency or their prejudices?! Against our own country man? Shame. Source : 65 MPs write to Barack Obama: Don't give visa to Narendra Modi - The Times of India
  2. G

    Clamp down on social media, demand MPs

  3. Desmond

    Kuwait MPs okay death penalty for cursing God

  4. Faun

    India: 153 new MPs are 'tainted'

    At least 153 of the newly-elected MPs in India have criminal cases pending against them, according to a study by civil society groups. Groups working on electoral reforms say the opposition BJP has the highest number of tainted MPs at 43 while the Congress party is number two with 41...
  5. Plasma_Snake

    MPs blow whistles to bribes in Lok Sabha

    The on-going session of Lok Sabha has turned into one of the most dramatic and thriller scenario of Indian Politics when 3 MPs showed Rs. 1 Crore each in Cash, alleging it as bribe offered to them to abstinate from vote on the Nuclear Deal issue. Regular sessions of Lok Sabha already showed how...
  6. maharajadhiraj

    Does Megapixels matter????

    Hey guyz, I really feel frustrated when people compare the mps of different cameras and say "This camera has more Mps so this is better". But is this true?? I mean I have tried out Nokia 6630, Nokia 6630, Nokia 3230 & W550i - all have 1.3 Megapixel camera but I saw that the quality of 6600 pics...
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