i hav p3 800mhz.i am using photoshop 7on that,bt nw problem??pls be kind to help

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hi dear friends and experts,

well i am facing a big problem.that,
i am using photoshop 7 on my P3 800mhz and 80GB HDD 256Mb Ram for the long time.bt ystrday onwrds,i cant open my photoshop 7.whn i am double clicking,its showing the startup,searching all elements,and on the last moment to open the softwatre,i jst skipping to the normal desktop.i cant open the photoshop.

i again installed my xp.(not formatted,jst appliedon the existing)
still problem there.

pls pls pls be kind enf to guide me.


As in Photoshop launches up and then crashes so before reintalling winxp did u try to reinstall photoshop this might be because of 2 reasons either photoshop has gone corrupt and u should uninstall Photoshop completely (no need uninstalling or reinstalling XP ) boot from a win 98 startup disk and run a thorough disk check by scandisk (if you r using FAT32) or else winxp installation disk if you r using NTFS and when u get a clean report reinstall photoshop.

The other reason might be that your pc is not having sufficient power to run ps but since this seems highly inlikely to have developed over night I recommend that you try the first option to begin with.


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uninstall and reinstall Photoshop. if i tdoes not work update it to CS2. next time post it in the Q&A section.
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