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  1. Renny

    XBOX 360 doubt

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a 360. The latest ones come with the Winchester board I think. Can anyone tell me if it can be modded to run backups?
  2. N

    Multipurpose Laptop : Budget 45K

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) A: INR 45,000/- 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? A: Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen. Don't mind downsizing the size to 14" if the loss grants me better specs 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this...
  3. 2kool2btrue

    Advise for/against getting a modded PS3/Xbox 360

    Hello! I'm looking for a modded slim PS3 (preferably) or an XBox 360(RGH + LT3, RGH, LT3 [not sure which one is better]). Can anyone advise which would be better? I'll be hooking it up to a 1080p monitor. Buying this to play GTA V and some exclusives (Leaning towards PS3 but not yet sure)...
  4. Skyh3ck

    How much used console will cost in India

    Hi i have never played or used any console, i used to play lots of games on PC, but stopped 2 years back, now i want to buy a console i have seen many people are selling used console like Xbox and PS3, can anybody please help me on how much following will cost Xbox 360 4GB (modded and non...
  5. P

    Clear my doubt

    Hi all, I am planning to buy a PS3 by next month i want to clarify some doubts 1.should i buy a console from sony store or from retail shop which are modded and i don't use online PSN service( i fear i would get banned for this question :-?) 2.If i buy a modded PS3 will it able to play...
  6. E

    Buying PS3 or XBOX 360 today!!!

    Hi, I am going to buy a console today confused between the two i know there are oother thread of the same title but thi s on is different. I want a ps3 but i can't be modded now.So should i buy xbox 360 ? It can be modded. This is not a piracy concern well 5% of it.
  7. varunparakh

    Xbox 360 Modded ? [No0b]

    My friend is looking to get a Xbox 360 slim ASAP! He wants a modded one, so looking for suggestions, Cost ? Availability? VFM? Life & Warranty? Games ? Any threats like RROD ? :O Basically all Pros and Cons!
  8. O

    [For Sale] Modded HAF 922

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: HAF 922 Expected Price: Rs 4100/-.(Fixed) Time of Purchase: Almost 2yrs+ now. Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: No(Got it in a lucky draw at byoc delhi event). Reason for Sale: Bought a New Case. Purchase Invoice Available...
  9. Freedom.Forever

    [Want to Buy] PSP Slim modded or moddable in Good condition

    I want to buy a modded psp and get it shipped to maharashtra, please PM me any body intrested to sell. good condition is expected. psp-3xxx will be good.
  10. R

    Buying a modded PS2

    Hey there, first post here. Had a ps2 about 5 years ago, and it doesn't seem to work any more. I have had many amazing memories with the console, and with it costing 6000 rupees now, I am looking into buying one, to relive the good old days. I could have it modded for about 1000 more rupees, and...
  11. esumitkumar

    Shud I buy modded PS2 ?

    Hi All I am an occasional gamer ...job requires me to work on PC for 8-9 hrs.. During weekends ..I can play games for 1-2 hrs and relax..Is it wise for me to buy modded PS2 ? since my budget is 5-6K..how enjoyable are games on PS2 and 21 inch TV ? ( I played games on laptop like COD:MW2 but...
  12. bajaj151

    Transparent Side for Haf 922

    I want to replace Haf 922 sidepanel with transparent or modded s.panel. From where in India...I can purchase ??
  13. maddy1205

    wanna buy modded xbox 360..

    how much a modded 360 will cost???...and where 2 buy from??????:-?
  14. H

    Want to buy a modded PS2

    Hey Guys, Thinking of buying a modded PS2. Any idea where/what price I can get it in Chennai? Also, are component out cables bundled with it?? Thanks guys!
  15. S

    A Modded PS2

    I would like to buy a modded PS2. Currently I'm in Delhi. Any suggestions, or anyone want to sell it off. P.S. I don't have any any idea about gaming consoles. So any help would be useful.
  16. m-jeri

    Nintendo Wii

    Hi All... Selling my Wii, Which I bought a month ago from Zoheb bro. NTSC, Wii Key 2 Modded. Was done by a vendor in IVG, Nikks. Got 2 sets of controllers. Have all the box and stuff. Will throw in few games. Its abt 8 months old i guess. Price : 13k Shipped. Reason : PS3 hogging...
  17. S

    slim psp permanent modded

    slim psp permanent modded the psp is around 1 year old {bought it from U.S} it has custom firmware 5.00 m33-6 perfectly working console no scratches on the front side the back has some scratches comes with 1. psp soft cover 2. 4 gb card {broken... have put a tape on it.... but works...
  18. H

    Need to mod psp,ps2....Kolkata guys plz help

    just got myself a psp and my frnd got a ps2.now prob is there r no modders out here who can mod these.so i need to go to Kolkata to get these modded. but the prob is i dont know the place in Kolkata where i can get my psp & ps2 modded. so if any1 from kolkata cud direct me as to where i can...
  19. furious_gamer

    Console!!! gfx!!!!

    Hi friends,,,, By the end of this month i had a increment like stuff and i got about 5.5k... So i decided to spend it for gaming.. Here in my signature is my spec.. I read so many threads abt ps2 and gfx cards though i didnt take any wise decisions yet.. SO i need ur help...
  20. K

    PS2 Modding!

    i live in hyderabad....can anyone suggest some reliable place where i can get my ps2 slim modded.......and the cost of modding too:confused:
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