1. Pratik Pawar

    micro SD Card problem

    guys, my friend has a micro SD card of 8 gb in her 3 yr old samsung, android 4.0.4 brand is some "HOPE":-? but the phone doesnt detect it. on my PC (win 7) its seen just as a blank drive. no filesystem, not even RAW I cant open it, asks for formatting, but even after waiting for 2 hours...
  2. mitraark

    Cheapest Nokia phone Whatsapp Unilimited SMS and Micro SD

    Looking for a sturdy Nokia phone which supports WHatsapp, has Unlimited SMS memory ( My Nokia 108 only let store 200 messages ) and has a Micro SD Slot. Have the Nokia 220 in mind but no mention of support for Whatsapp :(
  3. D

    Problem with micro SD card

    I have micro SD card which I use as pendrive with the help of card reader. Recently, it has got corrupted. Whenever I plug it in my computer it shows that the drive has to be formatted. I have some important data in it. I want to recover data before formatting it. I have googled for it. But...
  4. bssunilreddy

    Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features

    Hai, I want to buy any Micro ATX Cabinet under 4k with good cable management features.Please reply asap.
  5. K

    transcend 32 gb micro SDHC

    I have purchase transcend 32gb SDHC micro class 4 before 3 months but today its not working properly having error not dedect SD card
  6. srkmish

    Micro USB Port of Ainol Venus not working :(

    Hi Guys, My micro usb port in ainol tab is not working anymore. Not charging or getting detected by comp. The same cable is working for my phone. So the port is definitely faulty. Is there something else i can try to bring the port back to life before sending for RMA?
  7. B

    SIM Problem

    guys i need some help i just bought a lumia 520, i already have a htc one v as my phone , i want to use the lumia for a week as my phone , the lumia has a micro sim and the htc has a normal one, what do i do even if i do cut the sim how will it then fit into the htc?
  8. Jim Kirk

    Diff. Between Normal SIM and Micro SIM

    Hi, I want to know whether the micro sim can be easily used with the normal gsm phone. i am currently having nokia lumia 720 and i am using the micro sim. what if i am gonna use that sim in a normal gsm phone like nokia 100. will the sim function properly or not. actually i am trying to buy...
  9. mikael_schiffer

    Samsung Ativ Q Windows/Android Laptop

    Samsung Ativ Q: Specs Intel Corei5 Haswell (4th gen) and HD4400 Graphics 13.3” 3200x1800, 275ppi Touchscreen 4 GB DDR1600 RAM, 128 GB SSD S Pen support with over 1000 pressure sensitivity Windows 8 and Android 4.2.2 Jellybean parallel run capable 327.0x217.8x13.9mm dimensions Weight...
  10. N

    Micro SIM card holder

    Hello guys, I am using a Galaxy Nexus ( regular SIM) and also got Lumia 520 which uses Micro SIM. I am plannng to use Lumia 520 for few months. If i cut my regular SIM is there any MicroSIM holder which i can use with Galaxy Nexus when i get back to it ? Note; I cant request for new...
  11. B

    [Mobile phones] Unused micro USB cables & Wall chargers

    For Sale ! Callmate 2 in 1 micro USB cable & wall charger ~ 1 pcs Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Infibeam - Callmate micro USB cable & adapter Expected Price: SOLD Time of Purchase: 15/01/2013 Company official Indian warranty valid/Remaining Warranty period: Yes/ 2 months...
  12. R

    [Query] Service Center in KOLKATA for Transcend Micro SD Card.

    Hi, I recently purchase a Transcend Micro SD card 32GB and it seems to be not working. Does anyone guide me across as to where is the service center for transcend in Kolkata. Thanks and Regards, rock_dj.
  13. R

    CTC gift

    Hey freinds, The serial key given to CTC winners is for Trend Micro Internet Security or Maximum Security???? And there is a sponsored Trend Micro in January 2013 DVD.Is it the full version for free?? Didnt know where to post this query so did it here :-?
  14. scavanger007

    SDHC memory cards doubt.

    I have small doubt related to micro SD memory cards. I read somewhere that 'plain' microSD cards support maximum 4gb size. So does that imply that all devices supporting greater than 4 gb micro sd cards are Micro SDHC compatible? Because I have two devices , a mobile and a casio keyboard. While...
  15. sanoob.tv

    32 Gb micro SD dead?? last resort!!

    i have a 32 gb micro sd card made in australia '3c PRO' class 6 (was a gift). while backing up data from card to pc it stopped.when reconnected it asked me to format. during formatting,another pop up came up saying "windows unable to format" i tried quick format,format used...
  16. Aerrow

    Micro sd and micro sdhc... what's the difference?

    Hi all, What's the difference? I know about the sIze difference and speed difference... but have a look at this... www.homeshop18.com/samsung-32-gb-microsd-memory-card-class10/mobiles-accessories/accessories/product:29196715/cid:3040/ The card shows 24 MBps transfer rate and yet it is an sd...
  17. A

    pls suggest uATX motherboard currently in market

    Hi, I am planning to build a small form factor PC which I can use for home theater application also. Here are the items i have selected. please sugget suitable motherboard which is currently in makeket 1. Cabinet - iBall Baby 315 (Micro ATX cabinet with 250W PSU) 2. Processor - Intel...
  18. speedyguy

    Help: Phone's Micro SD Right Protected

    Suddenly, my micro SD card (Strontium 16gb Class 10) got right protected and I'm not able to access it via phone (read/write/format). From PC, I can see the contents but can't alter anything. Message pops up saying card is right protected, unlock it. There is no switch in the card, and I...
  19. sanoob.tv

    How good is Strontium sd cards.

    i was planning to buy a class 4 micro sd card(sandisk)near .5k but i came across strontium class 10 16 gb micro sd card on ebay for .66k. class 10 means minimum write speed 10 mB/s rit?? have any one used one or tested one b4.thnx. n im buying it for my asus transformer prime.
  20. A

    Buy nexus 7 or wait for acer iconia A110 ?

    Acer Iconia Adv : micro sd slot and HDMI
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