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  1. aditya1987

    Day that never comes, Cyanide, Enter Sandman Live + Interview

    Here it is live performance of Day that never comes, Cyanide, Enter Sandman and also an interview of Metallica at france taratata on 15-10-08.. They have done an awesome job. The sound and video quality is top notch. Here are some screenshots, This is must see by all metallica...
  2. aditya1987

    Your Favourite Music Genre??? And few Questions!! ;-)

    I was curious to know what genre of music do you like? Also tell your favourite band/artist, favourite song, favourite music video And favourite Concert/Live Performance. I am also adding a poll for this. There can only be ten options in the poll. So sorry if you genre is not in it. By the...
  3. Psychosocial

    Poor Metallica.

    In a recent event...fans of Metallica said that they would prefer to rip off Metallica's songs from the new album 'Death Magnetic' from Guitar Hero's new version rather then buying the physical CD bcoz of faulty mastering :razz:. Source
  4. A

    Metallica's upcoming album "Death Magnetic" leaked

    Metallica's upcoming album, Death Magnetic scheduled for release on September 12th has been leaked on the net. Its all over the internet.I found it posted on some respected torrent sites as well. Just go to google news and search for Metallica or Death Magnetic and you will get more news...
  5. MetalheadGautham

    Metallica Releases FIRST single from Death Magnetic, THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES !!!!!!!

    CALLING ALL METALLICA FANS! METALLICA released the first singe from their yet to be released album, Death Magnetic, just a couple of days back. Its titled THE DAY THAT NEVER COMES and its available as a download and for radio promo. It ROCKS I tell you. Its damn fast and at the same time its...
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