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  1. Zangetsu

    OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks

    A group of XDA developers have confirmed that OnePlus and Meizu are cheating on benchmarks. OnePlus has even admitted as much and promises to not do it in the future. Source: OnePlus and Meizu caught red-handed cheating on benchmarks; OnePlus promises to stop – Tech
  2. savithk

    Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note

    can anybody explain ....what is the basic difference between ...Meizu m2 vs Meizu m2 note.....i am confused :-(
  3. braindead

    Meizu discussion thread

    To discuss anything related to Meizu since i couldn't find anything elsewhere here. Service centers here Snapdeal Promotions (thanks to Zangetsu Current issues: Google play games not installing (error 505) Did a logcat and there is a conflict with another google app regarding the...
  4. Zangetsu

    Its time for Meizu now

    Chinese smartphone maker Meizu announces India entry on 18 May source: Chinese smartphone maker Meizu announces India entry on 18 May - Tech2
  5. A

    Where to buy meizu mx?

    The quad core meizu mx is really a powerful phone . I know its not available in india . Wanted to know is there a way to buy?
  6. Radhesh Bhoot

    Meizu MX quad-core beats the Samsung Galaxy S III

    Hello Friends, Just see the following link :- Meizu MX quad-core posts amazing benchmark result, beats the Samsung Galaxy S III - GSMArena Blog Meizu MX quad-core - approx 320 Euros(approx 23.5K) -- guess it is not yet available in India Samsung Galaxy S III - Estimated to be...
  7. raksrules

    Meizu M8... Hows this phone ?

    I have heard about this phone called Meizu M8. Any clue how this phone is ? They have an Indian website too http://www.meizum8.in/
  8. aryayush

    Chinese iPhone knock-off on the way

    Chinese electronics maker Meizu is the first company to closely copy the look and feel of Apple’s iPhone. The Meizu miniOne, due out in the fourth quarter of 2007, is a GSM phone with numerous iPhone similarities, including a curved, black and polished steel design, touch-screen interface, and a...
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