1. Sarath

    Bangalore Club

    List of TDF members from Bangalore :) We can discuss the latest happenings in the city or anything for that matter here. You might want to add your name to the list below in case you would like to participate in a meetup or just to give attendance here. Enter you name here >...
  2. S

    Any one coming for Think Digit Meetup from Kandivali Side?

    Hi Was wondering, if any one is coming for Tech Meetup tomorrow from Kandivali Side? Might need company while going home :D
  3. gmg9

    Kolkata Android MeetUp (todo..)

    hi friends. its been really a exciting journey..we have been using android and other smart phone/tablet os.. specially android. within very short time the phones becomes our computer type devices.. so r u interested to joinds hands n share ur experiences and show us wht cool thing u hav done...
  4. utsav

    Thinkdigit Kanpur meetup

    Well this time its not the same Delhi or Mumbai again. :p Me,gxsaurav ,krates ,abhishek have planned to meet up in kanpur on this 5th April. gxsaurav will come from Lucknow to kanpur and i will go from Jhansi to Kanpur for the meetup. The expected meetup location is Rave Moti at around...
  5. Cool G5

    ThinkDigit Mumbai Meetup

    We(Me and Gautam) are thinking of meeting up this week. The day is still not decided, but rest assured the meet will take place between thursday to saturday. So all Mumbaiikars who are free can join us. Let's discuss the Mumbai Meetup :)
  6. goobimama

    Digit meetup anyone?

    Hello boys. I'll be tripping to Mumbai for the BarCamp event, and was wondering whether we could have a sort of meetup of sorts. The event is on the 1st, so we could have the meetup on the second. What say? Goobi PS: I can bring pics of Small Cat if anyone wants.
  7. Indyan

    Opera community meetup in Delhi on October 9

    More Info
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