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  1. J

    PC for medical laboratory

    Kindly suggest me PC configuration for medical lab. Text data and graphs will be stored. No complex images.
  2. M

    Which Laptop among 5 Shortlisting ?!

    Hello Friends, Need urgent advice on which laptop I should finalize among 4. Purpose - Medical Study. Requirement - Data transfer via usb, optical drive (must), wi-fi/BT, browsing medical clips/videos on various site, long hours interaction with laptop. Preferable - Thin, light...
  3. M

    GRE & TOFEL preparation for higher Medical study in US

    Recently, my daughter acquired undergraduate-MBBS admission and study will start from Sept. Since her growing days, she have had target to pursue specialization/research/post graduate medical study preferably in US. While inquiring with Harvard, Oxford & family friends, I came to know about...
  4. nikku_hot123

    Laptop for Work Required for friend (be quick guys getting today itself )

    Hi everybody! my friend is going to buy a laptop for official use. He is a Medical Officer, so there wont be heavy tasks. 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR less than (strictly)50,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen...
  5. E

    Any Free Medical Retail shop software

    Any suggestions for free software for Medical Retail shop for billing and inventory ? Thanks in advance!
  6. V

    mbbs pg abroad

    how to go about preparing for usmle, tuitions in india for usmle and how much expenditure it comes for preparation. and also guidance for medical pg in london.
  7. M

    Suggest a good phone under 26k?

    1. Budget =25k 2. Display type and size =Any Size 3. Form Factor =Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand =Anything except LG,Nokia 5. Preferred input method =Touch Screen 6. What camera option =Atleat 5mega pixel with flash should be good...
  8. M

    USA cdma in india & new phone purchase suggestion?

    Dear friends, I would like to buy a new mobile phone Budget=25k maxium Brands= Any brands like HTC,SE,Samsung,Iphone and no LG,nokia I would like to buy a phone since i work in medical field i wants to have some medical apps to be played on phone and not some simple first aid...
  9. Vyom

    Best Medical Coaching Centers

    Being a tech-related forum, my hopes are not so up for this query! But still I want to try. Lately a friend of mine need to find out, some of the best medical coaching centers in Delhi or around. Anyone please let me know, anything you know about them!
  10. Ray

    JEE query

    i am in class xi (icse) and have taken bio.i want to know if physics and chemistry syllabus of iit jee will cover physics and chemistry syllabus of medical jee(aiims and state jee).what books do i need to study for medical jee(specially bio).
  11. a_medico

    (Query) Lucknow Railway Station

    I want to book a ticket for Lucknow from irctc. But it shows 4-5 Lucknow stations. Which one should I opt for if I have to go to SGPGI medical institute? Thanks
  12. K

    Need Help:wat to choose EEE,ECE,CSC,IT?

    Hey u all folks out dere.... wanna need ur help in dis... Actually i'm interested in pursuing engineering after my 12th.... cleared AIEEE and waiting for DCE result.... but i have no idea about all dese fields of engineering as i belong to medical stream.. So plz help me out wid detail ki what...
  13. Disc_Junkie

    IIT Kharagpur team develops Rs.1 lakh artificial heart

    Source: http://indiaedunews.net/IIT/IIT_Kharagpur_team_develops_Rs.1_lakh_artificial_heart_7755/
  14. M

    Medical quackery

    Medical quackery is a menace for poor patients. The people of Bihar are particularly victims of this .quackery is most rampant in pathology .Supreme court says –“a MBBS or pg degree in other subject doing practice of pathology is quackery”. In Bihar lab technicians with 1 year training have...
  15. Nikhilcgnr

    A Team Of Experts Comes Out With A 3D Human Body To Replace Cadavers In Medical Colle

    A group of medical experts, software engineers and structural engineers in Kerala have unveiled a fully navigable, three-dimensional virtual human body called 3D Indiana that could be a substitute to cadavers in medical colleges. The virtual body will also help surgeons perform robotic surgery...
  16. iinfi

    Google Health: Birth of a Giant

  17. phreak0ut

    Are there any medical IRC channels?

    My friend wants to chat with other medical students/professionals on IRC. Are there any channels? Hopefully, they should answer the queries and not boot the person out. Please suggest some channels guys.
  18. panacea_amc

    Wanted: Medical Dictionary For Samsung Mobile Fone!

    hello can anyone name me a good medical dictionary JAVA based to be used in my SAMSUNG mobile fone.. thanks for the help!!
  19. caleb

    Health Info & Free Registration

    Here is a nice and easy way to quickly find health info on the net. http://www.healthline.com Apparently the search platform is developed in conjunction with physicians. It has over 1000000 medical terms & people friendly synonyms as well as 70000 medical concepts which include diseases...
  20. Simple_Graduate

    Ethics in the medical profession

    source: Businessworld. Persistent questionable practices will eventually catch up with every industry, profession or sector. For years, fast food firms and cola companies have been in the dock for producing and selling products that are harmful to health. Only after many lawsuits and...
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