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  1. lywyre

    Is this site for free Jio 4G SIM authentic?

    I got this link as a forward in WhatsApp. I instinctively know it is a suspicious/ malicious link. I can't even find WhoIs details for the same or any other link/reference from reliance's site. Did not get any Google results also regarding this promo. However, I can't find any evidence on the...
  2. G

    Malicious programs spotted on Google Play store, warns Dr Web

    Source: Tech2
  3. harshilsharma63

    PC got infected, help needed in cleaning

    Hi. I gave my external HDD to a friend and i got infected with the shortcut malware. The drive had two objects: '$RECYCLE.BIN' folder and a shortcut pointing to 'system32' folder. The data in the drive was not visible. I scanned it with MalwareBytes Anti MAlware and it showed two reg values...
  4. A

    Android Application Permissions :: which applications Misuse ?????

    HI , NOTE ::- Its more of a question than INFO . Did anyone noticed about the permissions requested by the apps .... here is the list of permissions requested . Can these be misused ???? 1) HARDWARE CONTROLS CHANGE YOUR AUDIO SETTINGS Allows the app to...
  5. gdebojyoti

    Social Engine script - original or not?

    Recently there have been many social networking sites which are being developed by using ready-made scripts like Social Engine. Is there any chance that these scripts may contain some malicious code or backdoor? Also, is there a way to say whether the copy of the script which a particular site...
  6. R

    Malicious Application on desktop

    Recently, when I started my laptop there was an shortcut on desktop named "Your Game.exe". I thought some app may created it and remove it. But again after I restarted the system next day it came back. I tried many ways to remove it. Biu it's coming back and back again. Is it is a virus or some...
  7. amitash

    BSNL online directory unsafe?

    Today i tried to look for a phone number in the bsnl online directory and guess what? firefox kept blocking it and when i clicked diagnose, it told me this:
  8. T

    Beware of Obama virus in inbox

    PUNE: US president-elect Barack Obama, who was swept into the White House on a wave of popularity, has turned out to be even more popular with s pammers and virus attackers. Cybercriminals are seeking to capitalise on the results of the closely-watched historic election with mass malicious...
  9. H

    Viruses vs Anti-viruses

    For every virus there is a virus definition but you won't find it in oxford. just a topic to start about virus attacks and their removal. VIRUS Definition: A virus is a computer program that was written to purposely damage computer systems. Explanation: Your computer can get a virus from...
  10. T

    Malicious program adb.com

    I am using Windows XP. Recently, I have installed HP Scanjet 2400 software. Since then, my drives, C, D, E, F are not displaying anything. If I press Drives (c,d,e,f) then the following message appearing. Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the...
  11. NucleusKore

    The next big thing ? Crimeware-as-a-service !

    Finjan says Crimeware-as-a-Service (CaaS) is becoming an increasing problem and the ability of law enforcement to track malicious hackers will become increasingly hampered. Read On..
  12. T

    Spreading Worm Hits Nokia Handsets

  13. NucleusKore

    Anti-botnet technology

    This is the intention of Paul Barford, a computer scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He wants to build a new line of defense against malicious traffic which has become today a billion-dollar ’shadow industry.’ As one of ‘the most menacing aspects of botnets is that they can go...
  14. ax3

    Trojan Posing as Porn Facilitator

    According to a report by Mac security vendor Intego, a malicious Trojan horse has been found on several porn Web sites, which claims to install the video codec necessary to view free pornographic videos on Macs. The Trojan, a form of DNSChanger, uses a sophisticated method, via the Scutil...
  15. K

    Norton Antivirus "malicious Script" Disable Help

    Hi, Please help. i have Norton Antivirus 2007 and IE 7. My problem is, when i open a form ( formate: html ) the forum itself contain some information, but i cannot able to see that information. i had send e-mail about the error and they had replay to me { From application form point of view we...
  16. morpheusv6

    Google searches web's dark side

    Google searches web's dark side Malicious programs are installed by visits to a booby-trapped site One in 10 web pages...
  17. 24online

    US biggest source of cyber crime

    US biggest source of cyber crime The US is the largest source as well as target of malicious computer activity in the world, a new survey has said. Symantec, a Silicon Valley-based security-software firm, said that between July 1 and December 31, the US accounted for 33 per cent of all...
  18. blackpearl75

    Converting .exe to .msi - Howto?

    Is there a process/steps of converting .exe to .msi ?? I recently used MS Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool(Feb'07)..Though it was handy in removing viruses from my PC (Win32.Parite.B) at large...BUT on a safety note it DELETED ALL of my .exe's {It did NOT even Bother to Alert me of its...
  19. N

    Internet Explorer Pop up blocker

    In internet explorer many of us guys noticed that yellow pop-up blocker appear when page contain malicious script. I want to know that how can we get rid of from this pop-up blocker and we can run any page even with malicious script. Is there any software or registry trick? So please...
  20. anandk

    CA eTrust antivirus detects Windows as malicious...

    CA eTrust antivirus software wrongly detected part of the operating system (Lsass.exe) as malicious software last week... http://news.zdnet.com/2100-1009_22-6112241.html?tag=nl.e589
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