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Mac4Lin Listed in Top 20 winners for FOSS India Awards

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Vishal Gupta

Microsoft MVP
As we all know about "Mac4Lin" project which was started by our forum member Anirudh aka "infra_red_dude". The good news is "Mac4Lin" has been listed in Top 20 Winners for FOSS India Awards.


Here is the complete list of the winners:

/Hindawi Indic Programming System
/Zmanda Recover Manager for MySQL
/Dhvani Indian Language Text to Speech System
/Fedora (games and localization spins)
/KDE 3.5 Hindi
/Get it I say
/TVTK: Traited VTK

My heartly congratulations to Anirudh. Keep up the good job dude. :)

Full News at EFYtimes.com
congratulations Anirudh (uncle). You deserve it for all the hard and extremely boring and painful work you did in making each one of those icons, making them the right size, writing the doccumentaiton, organising the files, running a website, etc.


Wow, cool
I think infra never though his project would be so popular.
ins't it?

The total prize money for the awards was Rs 5 lakh and each winner will get Rs 25,000.

25k is a lot of money, what you plan to do with it?
we want a party brother
ALso please share some of your views on the project,future plans(no new version,since long :x) & what we can expect next from your stable:)

stil there are Total 341,304 downloads, which is quite huge
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