1. gaurav_indian

    Pakistan tour of India!

    Pakistan tour of India.Indo-pak matches are always exciting. Discuss everything here.
  2. P

    Saving swf [Flash] files

    How to save swf [flash] files from any website to the local machine?
  3. C

    Samsung 753s for sale (Kolkata Local)

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have an old Samsung 17" 753s CRT (1280x960@72Hz, 1152x864@75Hz, 1280x1024@60Hz) sitting here which is of no use. Its in perfect working condition. Trying to get rid of all CRTs. For local pickup only (Kolkata)...
  4. T

    MySpace India coming

    Source: *www.msnbc.msn.com/id/21297537/
  5. azzu

    The Chineseee

    my dad got a chinesee mobile yesterday is called ztc 6688 ill give total review soon but any 1 now how do i detect its os i mean does it run JAva or is it symbian based or any other local os Hlep ME
  6. yrana2002

    Looking for BSNL helpline no.s

    I'm in chandigarh & i urgently need BSNL local Dataone helpline nos. I've already got 231000, which nobody receives .... So, if you've got a local no. that works, i really would be obliged to you..
  7. T

    Google reportedly buying mobile social network Zingku

    Zingku's site also confirm it Source: *www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9787689-7.html
  8. fakkadbaba

    Unable to See "Local Settings" Folder

    I am unable to see the "Local Settings" folder in 'My Documents' even after choosing the option of seeing hidden files and folders. I can't even find it with the 'Search' option. What has happened????? and what is the solution????? Plz help.
  9. vavinashraju

    which dvd writer to buy sony or liteon

    there are many dvd drives available in the market which one should i go for ....i m planning to go for either sony or lite-on..which drive should i go for please help and i m going to college now i will check this page when i return....please mention exact name like last time i asked the dealer...
  10. praka123

    Selling two 512MB DDR-2 RAM's 667Mhz Kingston make

    Hello, I bought two no.s of kingston 512 MB DDR-II 3-4 months before and kept unused(believe Me!) for past few months.as coz of my gigabyte board with DDR-I. I used sparingly with a VIA board with DDR-2 support for sometime. since am not gonna upgrade to a new system using DDR-II now, i...
  11. mak1012

    how add environment variable in ubuntu

    hey fols i just installed J2ee sdk in my ubuntu but i'm not able to add the environment variable in.. i referenced the sun's site it says but in ubuntu there is no $HOME/.profile... please tell me if there is ne other way to do this..
  12. W

    Backing up a Forum?

    Is there a way to save an entire forum to a local hard disk like an archive?
  13. nix

    bluetooth headset + skype...possible?

    well i want a headset(earphones+mic) to do voice chatting on skype. my present mic sucks...and there is lot of echoing also...i use 2.1 speakers...so what i say into the mic comes out thru my speaker too :( to get around this problem i thought i will get a headset...i have shortlisted the altec...
  14. A

    To all those experts: Bypass network Limitations

    Hi friends! I reside in this local computer, which is (I think) controlled by the "system administrator". The problem is whenever is try to run ANY ".exe" files, or installation package, the usual "contact your system administrator" dialog blurts out. I understand that this is done to...
  15. G

    unable to ping

    Unable to ping the local IP in XP.. Would somebody help please.
  16. R

    FS : 1 month old XFX 8600GT

    As the thread title suggests, an XFX 8600GT is for sale. The card is only 1 month old, & is in pristine condition, comes with bill, box and all other accesorries in un-opened condition. Reason for sale : Upgrading to 8800GTS Location : Bangalore( will ship anyhwere in India)...
  17. skghosh44

    Local settngs

    Dear Firends, I need your help. I cannot see the folder Local setting in the folder Documents and Setting. In the Local setting folder there is also Temporary folder where there is abount 600 MB of files are there. I wish to view the folder and want to delete some file. Also please note the...
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