1. J

    Is there a bug in the Windows XP Task manager?

    The CPU usage of my system running on Intel P4 HT,1GB DDR2 RAM. The process list doesn't shows any usage of the CPU and it is 99% idle but the graph shows it is being used 25% all the time. Can anyone has a explanation for this or i should assume that this is just another Microsoft bug. PS ...
  2. Faun

    Enlist some good songs by Shaan

    Its been a long time since I listened to Shaan. So if you guys know some cool songs sung by him recently then do list them. I want to revive my Shaan fever once again. Thanks

    HELP:Assignment in linked list

    we have an assignment to create a question bank with 7 multiple choice questions 3 descriptive questions 5 programs we have to create questions from linked lists we have studied single linked list and doubly linked list in C pls anybody help me or give some good sites to find...
  4. trigger

    The ten most expensive domain names ever...

    Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:12PM EDT This week, domain name broker Sedo sold the highly-desirable domain name for the cool sum of $2.6 million. And while that's an impressive amount of money to pay for something that doesn't actually exist, it still doesn't quite crack the top ten list of most...
  5. T

    confused... Where is linux on this list? And whats windows doing on top? :!:
  6. dashang

    List of it colleges

    I an looking for list of IT degree colleges in mumbai . I searched in google but all rubbish articles comes.
  7. cooldip10

    Latest Price List

    Hello, I wanted to have the latest price list for processor (Intel core 2 duo) .. Couldn't find it on net.. There's buzz in mrkt that new products from Intel and AMD will be launched by the end of this year, forcing the existing products' price go down.. Is it true??
  8. Faun

    Why Banshee need Mono to be installed ?

    I was thinking of installing it but then scraped the idea when I saw Mono in the list.:( Is this thing survive over Mono only ?:!: Even Beagle uses Mono, any alternative to that too:!:
  9. N

    How To Delete Yourself From Other People's Friend List

    Hey.. is it possible to remove yourself from other people's friend list in GTalk & from Yahoo Messenger?! I found a software wayyy back for this (for yahoo messenger) but i seem to have lost track of it or of where i downloaded it from.. Can anyone plz help?!
  10. L

    msn messenger

    Hi, In msn messenger, the people who come online, I know that I can keep them on my list or delete them or block them. But, I want to do something else... I want the status of certain people to be not shown (always offline) and keep them on the list without deleting or blocking. I mean... I...
  11. Zangetsu

    List Hack&Slash Games

    Hi,:D I was making a list of 3D hack&slash games the games which i know so far POP Series... Onimusha 3 Soul Reaver 2 Daemon Vector .... ...any other do u know ???:confused: ;-) PS: here hack&slash means dat after u kill ur enemy u get an orb/soul/power absorbing material just like in...
  12. piyushp_20

    Start a service like "SMSGupShup", "Mytoday", etc.

    hi, I am planning for a part time job. what i really want is to setup a service like "Mytoday", "SMSGupShup" and "Indiatimes mobile". they have their own numbers like 58888 or 567673434. now how do i do that, what all things i would need. hope you got my point. if not than lemme explain you...
  13. yrana2002

    Firefox history item delete

    I use firefox 1.5.07 and ive discovered to my utmost displeasurement, that i cant delete individual items from History list manually... I mean, when i open History list, and right click on an entry and click on delete.. nothing happens :confused: Anyone know a way out?
  14. shift

    Hell's Most Wanted

    Are you on the list?
  15. ashu888ashu888

    µTORRNT: How to Add List of Active TRackers??

    Huys, I wanted to know that How can I add a list of Active Trackers in my µTORRENT ? if there is any option of that sort ?? (to ge better speeds)... Here is a list of Active Trackers tha i wanan add (if it can be added) in µTORRENT: h ttp://
  16. ax3

    how did Safari get this ???

    2day i installed Safari 3.1 ..... its damn good .... a lot faster & cool 2 ..... i use FF & didnt import all my bookmarks bt STILL how did IT get all my visited sites list which were cleared by FF ? the list is "OOH MY GOD", all of them .... which file stores all this info ?
  17. U

    How to edit the name of a program in the Windows Firewall Exceptions list?

    OS - Windows XP SP2 QUERY - I want to know that how can we edit any program's name, for e.g. utorrent, itunes, etc., in the list of the Windows Firewall Exceptions. That list still shows the correct name even if the name of the main exe file is changed. Please tell me even if there's some...
  18. ax3

    Database 2 create record ! ! !

    any database which will record all files stored in 1 folder & display a list in\on a webpage ?
  19. rameeze

    Provide list of mobiles supporting EDGE

    Can any body provide list of mobiles supporting EDGE technology with latest cost prize pls
  20. Dark Star

    openSUSE 11.0 Beta 2: Getting Better

    The openSUSE team is proud to announce the second Beta release of openSUSE 11.0! New changes include countless bug fixes, as well as the import of the new openSUSE 11.0 artwork for login, splash screens and more. The live installation should work, but there are several known quirks, so be sure...
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