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    reg. orkut...

    hi guys, in orkut, in the home page itself, there is something called "trusty" "cool" and "sexy"... right corner.... is there any ways to know the ppl who have voted for you???? /legolas
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    please help me with proxy sites!!

    hi, i have FC4 linux. i am under firewall and am not able to access http://www.orkut.com!!! pls help me providing some sites through which i could access it... !! i hav tried many but they dont load... also for http://games.yahoo.com .... pls help me with this. /legolas PS: i have...
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    test mode login for FC4

    Hi, How do i log in FC4 in text mode, so that after logging in, i hav to type startx to get into graphics mode... how do i do it??? /legolas
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    dvd writing speed problem

    hi, i hav sony DVD DRU810A and nero 6.6. it usually writes a 4.7 GB at 8x within 7 minutes. but today when i wrote, it takes me around 15 mintues which is twice the time taken!! y is this happening?? how do i get to finish faster. /legolas
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    question reg. orkut

    hi, hope most of u knew abt orkut... incase not, its an online community. i wanted to know if there is any way to know the ppl who are not on the friend list but browsed my profile??? /legolas
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    shortcut key...

    hi, i invariably use the feature "show hidden icons/folders" (not that u may assume of! :d ) how can i create a shorcut key for triggering this option on or off? like ctrl+alt+u or something like that... is it possible? /legolas
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    how do reduce items seen in right click?

    hi, how do i reduce the unwanted items from this list which gets bigger every day! :) /legolas
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    speakers connected to TV?

    hi, i hav this mercury speakers which i used before getting a creative 5.1 and i wudnt like to waste it either. is there a way i cud use it to plug in to my TV? if possible, cud any1 give me the idea or any tutorial which explains how it cud be done. thk you. /legolas
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    Hide IP, how to?

    hi, i tried using this "Hide IP" software. how does it work? i mean after using it also, i went to online check of my IP, it showed the same :) what more shud i do to hide it? is it with proxy? where can i get it? /legolas
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    what registry key should i change for this?

    hi, when i switch off firewall orantivirus for a while, windows gives me notification box saying "ur system may be in trouble... no antivirus or firewall or bla bla bla".... what do i do so that no more such notifications come again....(without installing firewall and antivirus of course)...
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    firewall configuration in linux

    hi, where r the firewall configurations in mandrake linux 10.1? how do i alter it? thk u. /legolas.
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    cable modem tweaking software?

    hi, could any1 pls tell me which is a better modem settings tweaking software? i mean the optimisers... thanks. /legolas
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    backing up bookmarks??

    hi, i use netscape browser version 7.1... when i feel some prbelms with windows and try 2 format it... (i do it almost once a month) the bookmarks are all los coz of formating and installing fresh copy. is there any way of backing them up and then feeding them back ??? if so pls explain...
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    which antivirus do u prefer and why?

    hi, i would like to know abt the antivirus which u guys would prefer and the reason. i use norton antivirus and it makes the system very slow than usual i believe. what would be the best one u would prefer? pls express ur views on this. /legolas
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    hi, reg. gmail

    hi, is there a provision in Gmail to create directories within it?? if so pls explain how. thanks /legolas.
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