1. Sarath

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR2000

    Comnputer Speaker 2.1 @ INR 5000/- Since every piece of audio equipment in my home is dying I feel that God is asking of me to get myself new set of speakers. Kindly suggest any good ones you have heard or are using ranging from 1000 to 2000. Increased to "Rs. 5000" Usage: Just regular...
  2. Arnab boss

    handycam buying advice...

    hi guys, i am going to purchase a handycam for home purpose and my budget is btween 20k -22k.... which one is better and long lasting....hard disk or the memory stick...??? guys wanna buy it today so quick suggestions required....!!!!!:shock: :shock:
  3. Gigacore

    Bangalore will face 6 hour power cut!!

    Just read the news.. Here's an excerpt: Source In the TV, they say even other major cities/villages in karanataka will face the same :x
  4. Simple_Graduate

    Longest lasting hardware component

    Which has been your longest lasting hardware component? For me it's the keyboard...lasted seven years and still going strong. Everything else has been changed once or twice.
  5. K

    Samsung or Seegate!!! which Hard Disk is better and why ?

    In the assemble market the seagate and samsung are ruling!! so which hdd is better?? in all way warranty, perfomance,, long lasting etc..............
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