1. Vyom

    Apple seeks court approval to sue bankrupt Kodak (aka Patent Troll on it again)

    Kicking it whilst it’s down, Apple seeks court approval to sue bankrupt Kodak :-x :-x Only the "F" word comes in mind! :-(
  2. KDroid

    Kodak Files for Bankruptcy as Digital Era Spells End to Film

  3. himangshu

    is this camera good for Rs 8000?

    hey guys can you tell me whether the Kodak M575 is a good camera for 8k or should i look at other options?
  4. phanisrinivas

    best digital camera " under 7k "

    I want best digital camera I have sugessions also - Kodak C 140 ( 8.2MP, 3X) - Samsung ES55 ( 10MP, 3X) - Polaroid 10MP - 5249Rs. - FujiFilm A100 ( 10MP, 3X) - Cybershot DSC-W180 (10MP,3X) - Price? - Canon Powershot A480 (10MP, 3.3X) - Kodak C180 (10.2MP, 3X) Which...
  5. A

    Need digitian help before I go purchasing !!!

    I am gonna buy a camera ... my limit is 7000/-. I had used canon powershot A570 (bought after reading digit's review about it) for a while .. that seemed to be a good camera. I saw kodak C190 on ebay .. it seems to be a good one ... Digitians !! I need your help please fill me in with its +ve...
  6. sandeepkochhar

    ZN5 Free Kodak Prints

    Guys I bought Moto ZN5 yesterday from Staples Store, GIP, Noida and it costed me just Rs 13,500/- along with a 2GB card. Finally I was able to get my hands on Moto after a lot of failed search in the local market. There is an option of free 100 6"*8" prints from any Kodak outlet. Has anybody...
  7. R

    some stuff

    1. Motherboard intel D865g for Pent D Pent 4 celeron it is replaced under warranty so its new never used a single day..... still more than 1 yr warranty left..... price - 1.5k <img src="http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/3200/1000197hb7.jpg" alt="Image Hosted by ImageShack.us"/><br/>Shot...
  8. C

    pc restarts when connect kodak camera

    i got this new kodak M873. when ever i connect it to pc..it shows camera name dectected and then suddenly it restarts..i hav amd x2 3600+ and asus MB..i hav 2 cd roms..i guess theres sum power problem from smps..if i disconnect 2 cd roms will it work? wats da problem?
  9. H

    Kodak V603

    my vendor is offering me a Kodak V603 digicam for 8k.its a 6MP cam with Schneider-Kreunach Varigon lens.the prob is theres another model a kodak M853 whihc is a 8MP cam with Kodak aspheric lens.its for 9.8k. now which 1 sud i buy??
  10. keith_j_snyder2

    Kodak 8.0 MP camera -(Brand New)

    Selling a Brand New KODAK EASY SHARE M883, 8 Megapixel Camera Color : Black Package Contents: KODAK EASYSHARE M883 Zoom Digital Camera. KODAK Li-Ion Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery. charging cable and adapter. Wrist strap. Camera pouch. Getting Started...
  11. hemant_mathur

    Buying a Digital Camera suggestions needed

    I am planning to buy a new digital camera for around 10-12k (can go over). I was thinking about getting a Kodak Z612 camera. It's details are:- 12X optical zoom lens featuring image stabilization 6.1 megapixels High resolution 2.5 in. (6.4 cm) color display Digital camera battery and...
  12. A

    Digicam: Suggestions Required

    I am looking for a digicam with a budget of below 15k. After going through the reviews of n number of digicams over the net, I am hell confused now.I need a cam with atleast 6 mp resolution n 5x optical zoom.Based on the reviews, i have sorted 3 out of the long list of available cams. 1...
  13. M

    kodak c663??

    i m getting a really gud deal on a new kodak c663 digital camera(11k,includes 512 mb card,battery charger etc.).I read mixed reviews of it on the net.If nebody has had ne experiences with this camera plz share ur suggestions n experiences abt this camera...
  14. satyamy

    Wanna Buy a Simple Camera......Pls help..........

    Pls reply fast Im going outof town tommorrow so wanna buy a good & simple camera which can take photo in any way (by Kodak Roll, memory card, paper printout or any ways) my budget is just 1-2k Pls suggest wht do u go for Should i go for a Simple Kodak camera or do i got for a low budget Digi...
  15. caleb


    Hello Folks, Before I begin let me clarify that I am not a merchant it's just that I recently saw an Digital-SLR Camera which I want to buy, for which I need to sell the following to raise enough money. I am selling the following items for sale as a bundle KODAK Z650 10xOptical Zoom with 1GB...
  16. club_pranay

    Cellphone For my dad

    my dad is planning to upgrade his cellphone to a better model. till now he had 5110(for 6 yrs) and after that 3315(for 3 yrs) so what he requires is a Stable, Easy to use handset. and to keep up with the technology.. 1. he needs to have a internet connection on his Laptop(may be thru GRPS...
  17. T

    needed 2 buy a good camera????? help needed..

    hey pals... needed 2 buy a good camera,,,,, so needed help. i need a camera, of around 6-7 mega pixels. the camera should be better then kodak DX7590. cause i dont like the result of kodak dx7590. budget, no tension, just quality matters,,,, but not more then 7 mega pixels...
  18. M

    Kodak Easy share installation problem

    I am unable to install kodak easyshare software on my pc. I tried installing from both 1. the CD that came with my kodak CX7330 digicam 2. Downloading from the web but it gives me an error MY PC config is WIN XP Home with SP2, 256 MB RAM, 80 GB HDD. Is SP2 the culprit? If yes how do...
  19. B

    Digicam at below 10k

    hey, here are the price list i got from local dealers(trivandrum) canon 310 -8.5k canon a400 - 11k canon 510 -15.5k! nikon 4100 - 13k kodak 7220 - 6k olympus 370 - 10k! can anyone at ernakulam/cochin please post here the prices of these cameras at ekm..
  20. C

    :: Need help on DC::

    :lol: :lol: Please help me to choose between the following: Nikon coolpix 4300 3700 or any KOdak dc IF possible please specify the the MRP. :wink: :wink:
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