1. A

    Want a budget gaming keyboard between 2k-3k

    Need suggestions for a budget gaming keyboard for playing fps games around 2k-3k.I prefer non-membrane keyboards.
  2. anarchy0x

    Buying a Slim mechanical Keyboard

    I'm thinking of buying Buy Hp Classic Desktop (wireless Keyboard + mouse) Online at Low Prices in India | HP Reviews & Rating Any slimmer mechanical keyboards than this under 2K?
  3. S

    Help buying a keyboard under Rs.700 which has N-Key rollver(no ghosting problem)

    I want to buy a keyboard which does not have any ghosting problem i.e each keypress corresponds to a specific action . I need it because my previous keyboards don't let me play games which requires multiple key pressing simultaneously like FIFA.
  4. GammaLazer

    New Keyboard: Red switch or Blue?

    Hey everyone I am pretty new to mechanical side of keyboards. I am right now using Logitech G105 and want to switch over to the mechanical keyboards. But the problem is the even after reading best of guides online I am unable to decide to which kind of switch should I use? I am mainly a...
  5. S

    Alternatives to Logitech G510

    Hi Guys I am planning on buying Logitech G510 @ Rs 5565 . I am currently using CM Octane but I feel its not comfortable to use it. I mainly use the keyboard for coding purposes. I rarely play games. Main Requirements Good Backlighting (Code a lot at night) Comfortable Price around 5.5k...
  6. mikael_schiffer

    Why cant someone make a low priced mechanical GAMING keyboards??

    TVSE makes mechanical keyboards that last decades, and performs up to notch all through out. And it cost Rs1900 Then there are those "gaming" keyboards with unnecessary gimmicks like 1GHZ POLLING and other bullcraps that cost at least Rs8000 There are cheap "gaming" keyboards at Rs 3000...
  7. M

    Wireless Combo?

    Guyzzz, please suggest one good wireless keyboard / mouse full size.... most of the Logitech products were discontinued now(MK520 & MK710:-(:-() Does any one have Microsoft 6000 V3 keyboards?
  8. Jaskanwar Singh

    e waste

    where to dispose off the old keyboards, mice etc? which are the good websites that collect them?
  9. V

    [For Sale] mechanical keyboard

    model : ttesport meka mechanical keyboard cherry black keys date of purchase : 2 november 2012 expected price : Rs 1000 location of seller : bangalore warranty : 2 years from the date of purchase specs : Tt eSPORTS unboxing and overview :
  10. N

    where to buy SideWinder X4? Or alternative? Suggestions for Mouse

    I wanted to buy a SideWinder X4, but none of the online sites I checked have it.(Snapdeal, flipkart, homeshop18, ebay) I live near Kolkata, and can buy it from Kolkata, or online for maximum 2.4k. I need it for browsing and gaming. If it is really unavailable, can anyone suggest a simillar...
  11. S

    Gaming keyboard & headset suggestions

    Hi All, I am looking for a decent wired low-cost mechanical keyboard. Looking for one which doesn't make too much noise. Don't want to wake up my family during midnight gaming sessions. Can you suggest me which one's would be the best low cost one. Alternatively, can u suggest which wired...
  12. The Conqueror

    Need a Good Keyboard

    Please suggest me a good mechanical keyboard. I generally like to type very fast. Budget upto 2K. Are mechanical keyboards better for typing? And I don't play games so a gaming keyboard is a no-no.
  13. sanithkk81

    Keyboard for browsing and casual gaming

    I would like to purchase a corded keyboard for browsing, social networking(chatting), emailing and casual gaming in my desktop. I want soft keys and it must be below Rs.500. I have scrutinised keyboards and chose logitech k120 and Iball amazer. Which one is the best? I am open to other company...
  14. heartripple

    How to use two keyboards and mouses with 1 pc?

    Hi, I am Ketan from Navsari.I want to know is this possible to connect two keyboards and mouse with one pc? If yes the please tell me how ?
  15. A

    Is it really impossible to get a white USB keyboard?

    I like pure white keyboards than black ones. Yesterday I inquired at many shops for a white USB keyboard, but not one had a single piece. :sad: I need a good basic USB Keyboard and Mice combo, either from Logitech or Microsoft. So, I want to know are white keyboards in production? If not...
  16. ajooba215

    can i connect two keyboards simultaneously??

    the question is simple as playing multiplayer games on a single pc becomes impossible when two players are habitant of playing with there a way to connect two keyboards??? to tell u more....i tried connecting the second one on the usb ...but it didn`t there some...
  17. T

    Hackers can hear your keyboard!

    LONDON: Swiss researchers have shown that computer criminals can misuse the electromagnetic signals produced by when buttons on a keyboard to ea vesdrop on what a user types. Martin Vuagnoux and Sylvain Pasini, doctoral students from the Security and Cryptography Laboratory at the Swiss...
  18. ax3

    Is Your Keyboard a Health Hazard ??

    Diseases spread by desktop crumbs and germs inspire bug-resistant keyboards. A computer keyboard can be a dirty thing, often filled with crumbs that help make it a reservoir for disease-causing germs. Ironically, keyboards have been identified as vehicles for spreading diseases inside...
  19. S

    2 keyboard support for XP

    i recently bought a new usb keyboard for my laptop...xp detects it as an HID keyboard device ...i am not able to play games like fifa 07 as two player using the two keyboards as two different controllers as it shows only one keyboard...both keyboards are active but they cannnot be used as...
  20. F

    Recommend me a keyboard

    My keyboard gave up on me yesterday following a power surge. i am looking for a replacement immediately, can any1 recommend me a decent keyboard. personally, I find the Logitech G15 and G11 attractive as I want many extra keys for macros and gaming, though price is a big issue. (How much do they...
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