1. gxsaurav

    Repair K550i or buy new phone?

    One of my friend's K550i is not working anymore. The service center staff said the PCB has burned & it will cost Rs 4k to repair. She asked me whether to spend 4k in repairing K550i or buy a new phone? She can get the phone repaired today, but if she has to buy a new phone it will be in May...
  2. sourav237

    SE Phone K series within 8k

    My frnd wanna buy a Se phone (K series) within 8k Which one is better K530i or K550i? thnx in advance
  3. Dr.tweaker

    sony ericsson k550i showing usb device not recognized problem

    hi,of late my cell or windows! have developed an annoying problem,whenever i connect my SE k550i my comp says usb device not recognized message,.The set is 3 months old,i have se pc suit installed,this occurs irrespective of phone mode or file transfer mode.then i have to reinstall pc suit...
  4. A

    where is it ?????????

    can anybody tell me the site where i can download themes for sony ericsson k550i which can change it's icon too.theme included with icon plz:p
  5. akshaykapoor_3

    k530i or k550i ??

    Guyz ... M lookin for a new mobile and have finally decided on k530i or k550i coz they seem to be the best options for my budget Which mobile should i go for.. I liked both..
  6. P

    FS:: SE K550i..1 month old!!

    I am selling se k550i..coz got another high end phone it is 1 month old..with warranty... i am frm Vizag(andhra pradesh)... Interested guys pm me
  7. C

    How to Improve Sound of K550i Without Fashing

    How to Improve Sound of K550i Without Fashing it? is there any way to improve sound quality/loudness of k550i without flash it to w610i? any internal setting or other way?
  8. I

    good phone with low budget

    my brother recently bought k550i. its really good phone. i also want new phone. as my brother has already k550i. i don’t want to get that one i want phone with same budget but not either k550i nor k750i any other choice
  9. hoodiboy

    SE K550i,Nokia 5300 (or) Nokia 5310 ...??

    Can anyone pls suggest a good multimedia phone for me from the the given list...??? SE K550i Nokia 5300 or Nokia 5310...??? I need good sound clarity,signal reception and good display...!!!!
  10. S

    which is the best phone under 7k?

    i m eying k550i right now any other like this i think k550i good for both camera and music? what abt u?
  11. S

    stylish bluetooth headphone for k550i

    I have k550i right now and want to but bluetooth headphone for it that looks cool and having good sound quality both for talking and listening music thanks
  12. C

    K550i failed?

    is k550i failed? I found it price less than the price of very old and popular k750i k550i is not better or as good as k750i? although it is marked as cybershot it looks very stylish but I think keypad may be the problem, but just keypad should not be the factor of success or failure of the...
  13. Crazy Kidd

    SE K550i - No Zoom

    I've purchased a Se K550i. But in 2MP mode it doesn't allow you to zoom. Now I did know it. But heard that in some models (with diff firmware version) it is allowed. Wanted to chk if I heard right. Any way thanks. It feels good to be back in Digit Forum after six months...
  14. vish786

    choosing k550i or w610i

    can someone give prompt replies. :) 1.) does k550i have same hardware as w610i (features like mega bass work the same as in w610i) ? 2.) does k550i have same onboard/inbuilt speaker as of w610i ? 3.) have heard theirs some flash problem in k550i ? is it true 4.) listening to 5-6 hrs of...
  15. S

    International phone

    Does the “ i ” in the phone name means it is international? Example k550i Can phone bought from India, will work in other Europe countries ? Can k550i works like that? Or I have to buy another phone? I may buy k550i. Is is good phone?
  16. N

    Difference between K550i and K750i

    I am going to buy new mobile phone and wondering which one to bye K550i or K750i Is there any technical difference between this two mobile except its looks and design and specially its 2 mega pixel camera? Is it true that k550i keypad is brittle and not good for texting?
  17. C

    Sort it out

    From blow which having the best camera and worth to buy it as camrea phone? And good choice compare to its price and toughness a) Nokia 3500 b) Nokia 6300 c) Nokia 6120 d) SE k750i / w810i e) SE k550i f) Samsung e840 Note : don’t include or recommend your own option in the list.
  18. H

    k550i queries....!!!

    hey.... i got a k550i (instead of 6233) recently (8k @ SonyWorld)....i hav a couple of queries abt it... The soft keys looks kind of too fragile... r they? Can playing lot of games creata any prob? Any soft/way to record radio? Some good softwares...for it? Day pics r awesom but pics clicked at...
  19. srikanth.9849671439

    can i change my se k550i to w580i

    i want to change my phone to w580. can i change it?
  20. D

    k550i work without sim?

    does anybody know how to make k550i to work without sim?
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