1. H

    Internet Technology ASP

    Could somebody provide me with a good e-book on the web technologies.. viz., Javascript and ASP ( not ASP .net ).
  2. kerthivasan


    can u plz tell me what r rthe requirements to appear for microsoft certified engineer and mscprogrammer.(what r the things that i should study. i have a knowledge in html javascript ms offce(expect excel) and some basic knowledge in netwoking ) i am doing my 11 th grade.
  3. redhat

    Books on HTML and Javascript

    I would like to sell a book called "Mastering Javascript and Jscript" and another called "HTML Bible". They are in good condition. I live in Mumbai. I would charge anything between Rs. 50 - 100 because they are a little old. But they are excellent information, a must for a web-designer. Good...
  4. nagarjun_424

    How to add JavaScript to email?

    Hi! Can someone please tell me how to add JavaScript to an email? I tried several menthods but it did not work. Please tell me how to do this! I use gmail and outlook express with gmail. Thanks.
  5. S

    14 year old discovers Gmail vulnerability

    In a blog posting on blogspot a 14 year old kid named Anthony has discovered a Javascript Gmail vulnerability. Anthony wrote "Apparently javascript will run if it is withing the preview of the message" meaning that hackers could grab email addresses or possibly steal cookies and compromise...
  6. E

    Javascript to detect number lock , on or off

    Please help me find a code for javascript which can detect whether number lock button is on or off..
  7. S

    javascript probs.....

    Hi, I need help with regard to the placement of script from scripts.... Bellow is my code snipit. [somediv].innerHTML = "<SCRIPT language='javascript' src='abc.js' defer='true'></SCRIPT>" My intention is to download a javascript file on demand. But the javascript file is not initilaized...
  8. ax3

    Enable javascript ! ! !

    recently i got a popup from IE6 while surfing ... it says "ur javascript is disabled" ... how do i enable it in IE 6???
  9. G

    javascript for deleting repeating char

    hi can anyone give me javascript to delete repeating duplicate char from string . and to make one string from than eg nik and aish . i is comman so final string will be nkash thanx
  10. tuxfan

    Open diff page each time. How to do this? Javasript?

    A webpage has three frames. Based on the system date, a particular page should open in one of the frames automatically. I can gather the system date by JavaScript. How to open a particular page in the target frame? For example, if its 1st April 2010, I want to open a page titled 01Apr10.htm...
  11. T


    e-messenger - web based messaging for everyone, everywhere ! What is e-Messenger? e-Messenger is a web application that enables you to chat with your MSN, AOL and Yahoo buddies without having to install any program or Java applet. All you need is a JavaScript enabled browser and you're set...
  12. hcp006sl

    Firefox 1.0.4 - exact download link with a report

    Though there are several threads on Firefox, I am introducing a new one on only the latest version of it. What's new: Title: Privilege escalation via non-DOM property overrides...
  13. rajesh

    Firefox 1.0.4 is out.

    8) Here's what's new in Firefox 1.0.4: * Several security fixes. * Fix to DHTML errors encountered at some web sites. MFSA 2005-4 Privilege escalation via non-DOM property overrides MFSA 2005-43 "Wrapped" javascript: urls bypass security checks MFSA 2005-42 Code execution via...
  14. iinfi

    javascript blues

    post edited: the above simple javascript code gives the result as 0 in mizilla firefox...... and 01234 in IE6 (after allowing blocked content) i m stumped ....bail me out plz.
  15. V

    asp on xp

    i am used to html and javascript i need help to work pws on xp i am new to asp
  16. V

    Java script smoke

    Is it possible to create smoke effect in javascript using particles can someone help me getting the code for this tried google and finally found a software particle illusion for creating smoke clouds etc but is it possible to create these in javascript ?
  17. J

    Javascript form validation

    HI I have to validate a form using javascript. name , address credit card no etc. Any websites for this script. Thnaks
  18. S

    JavaScript help.........

    Hi guys, I want to do the following in javascript and would very much appreciate if someone could help me: I need to know how to obtain the text in a TextArea that I highlight/select with a mouse and then insert this text back into its original position after modifying it. Thanks a...
  19. A


    Well got a challenge 4 all Javascript prgrammers............. Somethin' like this...... U need to send an email on some yahoo account with a link such that it closes the main yahoo inbox page and opens a new page with some address. So some bit of trick on the yahoo user! window.close()...
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