1. Flash

    Escape Dead Island

    Anybody playing this game? It's like playing Dead Island in third person mode with less rpg elements, but playing in third person mode is fun. Moreover, it got a cell-shaded feature to make the gameplay interesting.. k1KtygueO_g Btw, This is the first Dead island game in the series that is a...
  2. H

    Dead Island Riptide leaked gameplay video

    The Video Doesn't look too promising TBH.
  3. KiLL

    Buy the HD 7750 or Wait for "Sea Islands" Hd 8750????

    I want to buy a new GPU fr my system...... My budget is around 8k max.... I was planning to get Hd 7750 now but i read somewhere that nxt gen Sea Island will release in jan/feb of 2013... What shld i do???? MY SPECS-- i3 540 4gb ddr3 500gb 1024x768 Corsair VS450
  4. ranjitsd

    dead island goty buy

    is it worth buying dead island for 550 rsfrom greenmangaming Dead Island: Game of the Year | PC game | Download discounts at Green Man Gaming
  5. N

    BrainF*** Movies

    Suggest me some good movies like the title says to watch. Eg. "Inception" , "Shutter Island" etc.
  6. theserpent

    Just Cause 2

    The game Has something to hook you on for couple of hours.Its a really fun game. Like you can jump from a moving boat.And come down in a parachute
  7. abhidev

    Dead Island

    Its a new open world Zombie game....and looks awesome too. Source 0TyViM7KSdA qecDJSI3Ncc pVzRo39P31I About the Game Terror. Violence. Madness. Bedlam. A holiday paradise gone mad. A tropical island turns into total chaos after a mysterious zombie outbreak. Cut off from the rest of the...
  8. NucleusKore

    How badly do you want to quit smoking

    Source: A businessman who has smoked 30-a-day for decades is to maroon himself on a remote Scottish island in an effort to quit the habit. Former merchant banker Geoff Spice is due to land on the small isle of...
  9. Pragadheesh

    Birth of island in South Pacific in 2006

    Hi, this might be old, but i found it too interesting to be shared here. In November 2006, the yacht 'Maiken' was traveling in the South Pacific when they came across a weird sight - It was sand in the water, and the sand was floating ON TOP of the waves.. This is not a...
  10. naveen_reloaded

    Trend-setting series in small screen

    Some say it’s an idiot box and later with the launch of several women-centric mega serials enraged men community to a greater extent. Fine! We have got something more interesting for those sort of guys who all the time were urged to fix up with similar kind of series on lamenting themes. They...
  11. ashfahan

    Adventure Games

    Well Anyone knows some good adventure games to play.. I have completed these games.. 1. Runaway 2. Runaway 2 3. Grim Fandago 4. Monkey island 3 5. Monkey Island 4 6. Echo 7. Nibiru 8. syberia 9. Syberia 2 10. Return to mysterious Island...
  12. pritish_kul2

    Dream island dam dama

    has any 1 been to dream island dam dama???wht all is der and howz it like?itz a amusement park located outside delhi for those who wondering wht it is
  13. milnniki

    How Can I subscribe Digit i m leaving Fiji ?

    i m leaving Fiji island i want to subscribe digit. if anyone know tell me thanks
  14. A

    GTA:Vice City island mod.

    Hey guys, i just noticed an island mod for GTA:VIce city. hav a look here:- Here are some screen shots of the island:- You can even help the team members to build it. It's always...
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